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Transmission wierd problem.

Richard Rush

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January 17, 2015
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1995 Explorer
Hello, 1995 Explorer 4R55e transmission.

Background: off and on for the last year the O/D light would flash and nothing else. Would disconnect battery to reset error and go on.

Original Failure: On the highway would suddenly not accelerate and lost all forward gears. Had to reverse to the next exit on shoulder.

Resolution: Replaced valve body gasket, filter and all 6 servos (came as a kit) 2 of the servos were blown.. Reclosed tranny, filled with fluid.

NOW: Goes int reverse only when shifted into "1". No forward gears. What could cause this and why is shifter suddenly out of sync with transmission? Any ideas?7

Are you certain the manual valve pin is engaged properly?

Thank you

Thank you, drdoom, my son is going to check that, found a picture of how it is supposed to go and he is pretty sure he did NOT put it in the proper position.