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Transmission Woes...


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January 13, 2004
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Frackville/State College PA
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Explorer 00 XLS
When driving home friday from state, my tranny was slipping pretty bad between the 2-3 shift, rev up to anywhere from 3200-4500 rpm. Most other shifts seems normal, except the passing gear that completely slips at times. I'm also getting a loud hum on start up in P, not sure if thats related. The OD lights flashes too but not all the time. Occasionally the entire thing will slip so bad, I can give it a lot of gas with not much movement. Thoughts?? Its under warrenty so it'll be going in this week. I recently put in a drain plug and changed the fluid as well.

Quick question, I've done the brown wire mod. as well, before I take it in I'm assuming I should discon. that BUT are they going to be able to tell anyhow?

Sounds like a loose valve body/leaking gasket in the tranny. Not a hard fix. If you search for 2-3 shift flare you will find more threads. They probably won't notice the brown wire mod....