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transmission wont click into gear.

Ok I just got like 5 codes but before that I think something important was missed. There is no motor braking when I let off the gas it just coasts like im in N

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CODES shift solenoid circuit condition,shift sol 3,shift sol 2,shift sol 1,circuit condition.

Check your case connector, or wires between bell housing and motor.

Sorry, its the main electrical connection at the transmission.

Yes, just make sure its tight and none of the pins for the solenoid block are bent.

When you get multiple codes for the solenoids at the same time, always check all of the connections, especially the ones that are removed during the repair of the transmission. Its also possible to get the wire harness pinched between the transmission bell housing and motor, this can also cause multiple codes.

Ok, the case connector wasn't in all the way. Pulled it put it back and all gears work. The only problem is a 2 second slip between 3-4 gear. Only happens between those two and if I give it a little gas it will catch sooner. Drained the fluid again and there was a lot of metal from the pump burning up. Just put 12 quarts in after pump change. Now another new filter and 6 quarts but still slips. Any ideas?

If it was a fluid problem would it only slip in one spot and the same spot everytime?