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Transmisson Craped again


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January 4, 2001
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Thompson's Stn, TN
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2002 Mounty 4.6 AWD
Out doing some light wheeling today and my transmission crapped again. I was going up some small ramp and my spotter noticed that my car was leaking. I quickly reversed down and noticed that I was leaking Transmission fluid like crazy.
When Going up the ramp, My car would not make it all the way up. like it ran out of power. This is when it started leaking. It looked like it blew a seal or something.
I have a 12 month warrenty at AAMCO from when my transmission died in dec. Do you guys think they will cover it under warrenty for defective parts and labor? It was nothing serious, just going down some light trails. I will post pics later.

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Aboslutely they should still cover it. Just be sure to wash under it really well with a powerwasher.

from the trans. fluid or to tell them that I wasn't off road. I got some pics here they are
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Angelfire wouldn't let me host off them so I posted them as links
ok now I dont know why angelfire wont let me link them either, Maybe I need to post them on a site.

Ok here is the webpage I made in 3 minutes. Enjoy
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Front pump seal

Looks like your front pump seal went.

Heat - check the tranny cooler and you fan clutch make sutre both are in good condition.

Heres a link to a bulliten you may want to question them about.:

seems like the board is full of these seal failures lately.

Good Luck, and check your cooling - cooler, rad, fan clutch.