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Transmisson Replacement


July 5, 2023
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Monroe, Ga
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2003 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey all,
It happened earlier this week on my explorer. I was driving and it down shifted for a hill then I heard a bang/crunch. The OD light started flashing but I thought nothing of it as the servo packs were shot. But I found out quick that I only had 1st and 2nd, no reverse, third, fourth or fifth. So I bought I rebuilt transmission as a replacement. Anyone got any tips on installing or removing?
(03 Ford Explorer 4.0 K AWD)

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Update: it turned into a nightmare. Exhaust manifold stud broke along with 4 transmission crossmember bolts. So this is going great


Above are pictures of what I was able to accomplish in 6 hours. At a stand still with those broken fasteners.

Broken bolts are quite a pain. Start right away with PB blaster or similar to get it in there and let it start working. You can also use a torch for 10 seconds and then spray immediately with WD-40. The cooling metal sucks in the oil (in theory anyway). After you have done that for a few days, there may be some of the broken bolts where there is enough of the bolt end left to get ahold of with a bolt extractor socket. There might be enough for the socket to bite. Have someone help you to put pressure on the socket and keep it pressed against the bolt end very hard so it doesn't lift off as you turn.

If you can safely get a torch in there, try heating up the end of the bolt until it's red. Try to heat only the bolt. Let the bolt cool off slowly and then us a punch and hammer to see if you can put a dent in the center of the bolt with the punch. If you can, you have successfully softened the steel by removing the temper.

If you get that far you can try a screw extractor set. This is one example,

IRWIN Screw Extractor/ Drill Bit Set ($49)

I am sure you can get a cheaper set but I like Irwin tools. This is a left hand carbide bit that is used to drill a hold in the bolt. If you are lucky, the torque from the left hand bit will loosen the bolt. If not, you put the extractor tool in the hole and try with a breaker bar.