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trany/transfer case


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July 14, 2010
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96 xl sport
ok i got to drive my 96 explorer with 4.0 automatic 4x4 with 125000 on it i think i might have 2 different issues first when i put it in reverse it makes a zeer sound wont move i can put it in 4 hi then reverse and let it engauge then take it our it works so i took it for drive i made it about 2 miles and it done it in drive zeer going down road i stopped put it in 4 high it grabed i move 20 feet put it back in 2 wheel drove it fine for 8 miles shut it off and 1hr later i left made it 7 miles now this is where i think its a different problem it just slipped no movement i droped it in 2nd work fine put back in d nothing tried 4 wheel nothing i tried putting it in 1st on hill let of brake no engine back lash just crused right on any help plz thanks

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Get the trans codes read and write them down.

is a trany shop the only place that can do this

Check with Auto Zone if there is one around. Some have a Code Reader for the transmission, They will read for free if they have one, my local store doesn't. They only have a reader for the engine.

slipping trany

ok took drive again same spot it slipped again so i stoped completly then took off i drove fine for 3 mile til li got home. i tried stopping at the top of a hill put it in low let off and it had no engine pull back

Sounds like you may valve body problems. The separator plate gaskets may be blown.

ok thanks is this something i could do without pulling it and what parts should i ask for (EVERYONE ON THIS SITE IS AWSOME THANKS GUYS)

You still need the stored transmission codes other wise you are looking for a needle in a very large hay stake. The codes maybe right on or at the least point you in the right direction to look for a problem. The same problem may not always be the same code or the same fix.

hey im new to this forum still learning to navigate it but i have a 99 explorer that wont move when i put it in gear .theres no noise no jolt no rpm change.the linkage is fine the auto trans fluid looks good ,i was driving along and it fellt like it went into neutral .im kinda at wits end can anyone help thanks

See if you can get someone to read the Trans codes, not the engine codes. You may have a stuck EPC solenoid, blown separator plate gaskets and other things. Did the OD light flash when the problem happened, before you shut off the engine?


no never had a problem with the o/d

The OD light is what the PCM ( computer) uses as a indicator for a transmission problem, it flashes the light when it sees a problem, doesn't necessarly mean a OD problem. The computer uses the OD light for trans problems same as it uses the check engine light for engine problems.

Yeah i appreciate your help the od light never flashed and still doesnt

It won't flash now because turning the engine off resets the computer but any codes that it stored will still be there, its possible the problem happened so fast that the computer didn't have time to sense a problem and no code was store but a check is still a place to start.

yeah i guess ill bite the bullet have it towed and have it tested thanks for your help ill let you know how it turns out

Don't know if you are a DIY guy. If you decide to tackle the problem your self, I am sure the people here will help, the stickies at the beginning of this forum have a lot of useful information. Any way good luck.

yeah im gonna do it myself im gonna drop the pan and see what i got in the ways of wouldnt happen to know what i tourque the trans pan back on to do you .

You still haven't fully determined if the trans is at fault or the transfer case or both. You really need to see if there are stored codes. As for the pan bolts snug all up, then tighten a little more don't think there is a torque reading for them. You should also remove the valve body and check for blown gaskets ,you will need new gaskets to reinstall. You could also have bad clutches or bands. You won't see much just taking the pan down unless there is a lot of metal in it.

well my issue is my local parts store doesnt have a reader so i would have to tow it to a shop to have it read.i happen to have an extra pan gasket and filter so i thought i would drop the pan to see if there were any shavings in there . i know where the ECP is so i thought i would drop that pain of a valve body and check the gaskets.if i cant get it resolved that way its gonna have to go to a shop anyways .im hoping to avoid a dishonest mechanic and another billLOL.

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