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Trckmagiks 1994 SAS Purple Passion


I finally have a moment to get some pics of my 1994 Explorer. This explorer was built strictly as a on going project. I try not to drive the truck but once a month to keep it low mileage. As many of you know, I am able to do this as I own a couple Ford Explorers. Here are some pictures of the truck. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Here is the truck during the installation of the Solid Axle. I used a dana 30 axle off a 1994 Jeep Wrangler. I am not worried at all about the Dana 30 being strong enough as this is just a driveway queen :) I will eventually put some Dana 60's under it with a 44" tire or bigger. My SAS was done by using leafs springs and some custom leaf spring hangers.



Here is a picture of the 15x10 wheels and the 37" Goodyear MTR's I chose to run on this explorer.

Here are a couple photos after completion. It has been in a couple car shows. One was at a local Ford Dealership here in Dallas, TX and the other was at grand opening car show in Waco, TX.



Thanks for looking. More to come......... :confused:

Youv'e done a fantastic job with the old X. I wish I had the skills you have to do at least half the mods you have. Keep the pic's comin. :chug:

Thanks so much Carl. I would sell it if anyone wants it :)

I always think my X is so cool until I see your rides. I'd love to have that one but the $$ thing just isn't happening for me. After you win the lottery and want to give that one away just let me know!! Great work.

Wow, Thanks alot Ken. I appreciate the compliment. I try to make them stand out.