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Trckmagik's Trail Ride w/ new pics Updated

Trckmagik's Lift install 35's PICS::::

Well, There was a change of plans for my 1992 Exploder. I decided to go w/ the smallest amount of lift and still be able to run 35's. This is just the start so I will include a couple pics from my work last night. Most of the rest will be done this weekend.

Warrior Shackle Install
Skyjacker 2" Lift Springs
3" Body Lift
35's BFG Mud
Detroit Locker & Carrier
Lock rite up front
5.13 Gearing (front and back)
Perry's fab and fiber front fiberglass fenders

Here are some pics of the 92 w/ 35's mounted and on only 1.5" of lift. These are before the Body Lift install.



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I have them on They were working for me.

It works for me too.

How much do you have there and are you getting the fiberglass fenders?

I couldn't view them at first but then i tried opening them in a new window and then removed the http:// from it and they work now. I love how it looks so far. What I really like is how the 35s seem to fill the rear well perfectly although it probably isnt good for flex. I can't wait to see the finished results.

Actually I tested the flex a bit last night and Im not hitting anything. This is just w/ the shackles and the coil spacers 1.5" of lift and fitting 35's. The fenders are going to go on in about 1 week after I do the 3" body lift. I couldnt believe that they fit w/ just 1.5" of lift though! So go get some fiberglass and dont use very much lift :)

:D Got it! Didn't think you'd be able to see the effects of what you did as well, looks real good in person I must say...can't wait until you finish. This wkend, yes?

oops!!! I didn't get to read the project part of your first post... too much crack this morning... I can only see pictures.:shoot:

what am i doing wrong ?

i still can't see the pics :bounce:

Did you try to right click, copy and paste in new window? If you are on a slow comp then that may be your prob, pretty big pics.

Here ya all go...

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Click on em... If that don't work then right click on the red-x's or these and go to properties copy the http://..... paste that into a new browser window and you can see them.

Brian see if you can re-size them to 600x400 or something like that and upload them to the board itself. If you can't do that I can do it at once I get home.

ok now if i hit those then kill the http:// it works

wow - that looks great, and thats only with the spacers & shackles?
i can't wait to see it with the body lift, question - would 35's fit with-out the glass fenders once you did the body lift?

THANKS :confused:


My 3"BL Install will be done soon after yours is done!

Keep the pics coming! Im not working now so I can post pics if you need me to B.....

The plum one is my daily driver. It is in way to good of condition to make my offroader. I already started to pull the interior out. I will just be hercing the interior floor. Its coming together.

that looks sick......

im surprised your fittin the 35's in the rear...looks like they are about to rub just sittin therre

good job man

UPDATE: Just finished installing the 3" Body Lift. Everything is A O K. Finally found an excuse to purchase a Saw Zaw. My friend actually bought it whom was helping me. The Saw Zaw is now my friend. We cut the Front inner fenders some. I have pics coming soon. Also took all carpet out of interior and have some drain holes. Its nice to be able to go to the spray wash and just hose out the interior :) We are now coming up with a plan to Saw Zaw the doors and make half doors out of them. I will post a new thread on that when I do it. It will be soon though. Pics are coming.

Are you keeping the roof on? If not what are you doing for seats? Just curious because I am going to sawzall the top off the BII after the doors, with the intent of bedlining the interior and adding drain holes. I was still undecided about the seats though. Don't really want to drop any money in the seats, but would like something a little waterproof. :rolleyes:

The roof will stay on until (knock on wood) I roll it. So right now the only thing in the interior is the blue leather seats. I am thinking about the Plastic Baja type seats from summit. The want like 35.00 each. I have the itch to do my half doors right now, I will take the panel off and look into the design be4 I jump into it.

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hey what offset do you have on the rims????? and does the back rub all that much???

hey man, i was looking around at and do you think their fiberglass fenders would work the same as perry's???