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Trckmagik's Trail Ride w/ new pics Updated

Trckmagik's Lift install 35's PICS::::

Well, There was a change of plans for my 1992 Exploder. I decided to go w/ the smallest amount of lift and still be able to run 35's. This is just the start so I will include a couple pics from my work last night. Most of the rest will be done this weekend.

Warrior Shackle Install
Skyjacker 2" Lift Springs
3" Body Lift
35's BFG Mud
Detroit Locker & Carrier
Lock rite up front
5.13 Gearing (front and back)
Perry's fab and fiber front fiberglass fenders

Here are some pics of the 92 w/ 35's mounted and on only 1.5" of lift. These are before the Body Lift install.



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I paid 240.00 for both fiberglass fenders. I had to pay alot in shipping since I had them shipped to Dallas. Are you thinking about installing them? We will finally meet in Moab.

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Yeah, I'm probably gonna grab a pair after I install my lift, gears, etc. I wanna get a paint job on my truck, but wanna get those first so I can paint them at the same time.

Ah yes, Moab. Man, I can't wait....Fortunately the first time you see her she'll be lifted, many people were not fortunate enough :D


Ordered my gears and lockers.

I ended up going w/ the 5.13's in the front and back. I went w/ the full detroit replacement in the rear for loacker and a lock-rite up front.
I also went ahead and ordered Skyjacker extended brake lines and Skyjacker 2" lift shocks.
Installed High Lift jack and ordered some more Herculiner. Pics to come.... I cant believe it. 5.13's that ought to be real nice...... Real quick way to spend 2,000.00

Looks nice man, thats what I'm planning on doing with mine. Small lift and cut the fenders. Just one question. On the lock right in the front, did you install it and is there anything different about the powertrax for the straight axle 35 and the TTB. I thought there was some sort of shim or spacer but I cant remember.

There is a diff in the front lockers. I am not installing the lock rite so Im not sure on the installation of it. They put it in for free since they are doing the gears. All the parts were ordered on 4-27-02 so as soon as they come in, it will be going in for the install. Should prove to be real nice on the rocks. J--- Where have you been? Havent seen you on the boards in quite awhile.

The Lock rite in the Front installs in place of the Carrier. If you buy a Power trax or other in carrier lockers for the Dana 35 you might still have to buy a carrier (different for different gear ratios). Yeah were have you been Jesse?

I've been going to school in Nacogdoches so I am poor now and hardly get to go offroad anymore. A guy in a local club is selling a powertrax for $100 so it tempted me. Hopefully us Texas guys can get together this summer. I've got spacers and shacles to put on, just waiting for money so that I can get 33" tires put on it.

Good ole Stephen F. Austin.. What a party school.
My Girlfriend was a Tri delt there.

Brian, I got some Herculiner from Auto Zone yesterday. I am planning on putting it on my roof between my windsheild and my sunroof, on the front foot of the nose of my truck and on the bumper I made. I am Excited but I won't be able to do it until July, Then I'll get 33s and Spring over If I can keep myself from spending my Tax Return! Im all about doing the Texas Wheeling thing this summer.

Kewl, You will love the stuff just be careful w/ it. I am already for some Texas runs this year. I will be going to Moab this month w/ the Explorer4x4 group but as soon as I get back we will start planning a Texas run to the Slabs and also Gilmer, Tx.

Gilmer is great, I've been there a couple of times. Plus its only an hour from school. Lots of cool trails.

dude, have you gotten your fenders yet...or have you just not posted any pics of um' yet.............and also, whats the ballpark figure on the cost of all this? (you dont mind if i ask do ya!?):eek:

Yes I got the truck finished. I just havent posted any updated pics. I was waiting till I get bck from Moab.


1992 Explorer 4wd 4 door= 3500.00
Body Lift= 120.00
Skyjacker 2" lift= 60.00
Warrior Shackles= 50.00
Fiberglass Fenders= 260.00
Explorer Pro CompLighst= 120.00
Herculiner= 100.00
Gears & Lockers= 1200.00
Shocks= 100.00
Axle rebuild= ???
Tires and Rims= Already had from another explorer of mine.

Labor= I did everything but the gears and lockers
There is alot of other little things that have added up quickly but you get the idea. I bought this truck just to do this w/ and is just my trail vehicle. Hope this helps

I just spend about 3500.00 on rebuilds on the axles and the gear and locker install. New brakes etc etc.

Originally posted by Trckmagik
Yes I got the truck finished.

WHO Ever Finishes working on a Truck? The only time I can think of that I have Finished working on a vehicle is when I sold it!

I know. Im never done. Who knows I may have my 6th explorer by next year and will start work on that one. J/K..... I am actually looking for a boat now. My want list never is complete.

And here it is done:






looks good. But I doubt you are done!:confused:

So how did it do compared to the normal 5.5 lift and 35's? I'm talking about body roll, flex and over all how it proformed?

I really like how it turned out. If i buy another X i would probably go the same route you did until the d60/9" went on.:D

Again, I likes!!

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It does great. It actually has less body roll due to the frame and motor still being close to the ground. Plus the brackets are alot stronger than the Superlift, Skyjacker drop brackets. I went this route w/ the plans to do the solid axle. My next tires will be 37's w/ the same lift. This will give m ethe extra clearance underneath.