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Trip Report~Lake Isabelle~Pacific NW


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October 11, 1999
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Monroe, WA
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94 Ex/79F250: X250
Well....what can I say? I had fun, despite the fact that my heavy foot turned my slpoder into a 1wheel drive!
We started the run meeting in Monroe, WA. After Kevin (diffwackdaddy) showed up 20 minutes late :) we hit the trail. Included was myself, Kevin in his newly Dana44'd X, my brother Kevin in his 97 Wrangler, and Matt in his Dana44'd Bronco 2.
Pictures speak more than words, so....
Those are Matts pics, I'm sure DiffWackDaddy will put his pics up.

Damage Report:
RF Axle Stub Shaft
RF UJoint
Both Spring perches ripped
Destroyed rear driveline and UJoint
Dented rear shocks
a small rock in my tire bead!

Kevin (DWD)
new dent in his passenger side rear door

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DWD pulling my butt through the river...

By the way, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my brother and Matt for helping get me off that mountain.
Kevin (DWD)~ I owe you the biggest thanks, since you pulled my butt down the mountain, and then gaurded my truck while I got a truck/trailer to get my butt home. I think its safe to say I owe you a few....

Ryan! You're brutal!:exp::hammer:

How did the diff turn in the rear? Did the tubes turn in the housing? I assume all that carnage happened at one time?

Cool report! That BII is awesome! Its my curren't backround. :D

Thats after he floped it made a few fixes... :D


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Yes, all the damage happened at the same time. We think the front damage happened because the rear snaped. When the rear went, all the power was taken on by the front, and the weakest link broke.
What went in the rear were the spring perches. The welds broke, and well...
I think I'm going to stay with the 8.8 in the rear, but its time for a solid axle in the front. Dana 60 I think. I want tough. And its going to be leaf sprung. I'm going through coils like you wouldn't believe...a 300+ pound bumper will do that!
I even went so far as buying a beater truck today to get me to and from work, since my X was my daily and only driver.
Kevin~did you get ticket?

No, no ticket, just a stern talking to. I knew he was after me too because he had his turn signal on and after I turned left in front of him his blinker went off and he was on the chase. I thought about backing up on to his hood but then I would have definately got the ticket.

So what kind of beater did you end up with. Also, let me know if you need any manua labor, I would be happy to return the help you gave me putting my solid in.

I ended up getting a chevy luv for 100bucks. It was the shop truck where i work, bought it from the company. it runs good, but looks horriable. the other added bonus is that is has heat, which my dads 58 willies does not (it was a cold drive this morning!).
I'm hitting the junkyards in the morning. I'll see whats out there and how much a dana60 costs. i'm still debating leaf vs coil, although i'm leaning towards leafs.

Well, the bad thing is it's a CHEVY. The good thing is it runs and you got it for what it's worth, maybe a dollar or two more than I would have paid! LOL

Ryan going over instead of around. We all thought he was really going over.


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Now them is some bad ass pictures... I wish I had endless money to blow on a tow rig and trailer to go wheelin there... that looks like *****in fun! :bounce:

I wish i had endless money to buy a tow rig and a trailer as f250 Heavy duty....hmmm...i'm drooling...

She's baaack! This new rear driveshaft is awsome! No more vibrations. Time to start researching the solid swap.

:bounce: Isn't it amazing what new u-joints do. Now you can :shoot: the d35 and :hammer: that solid in there. Just make sure you get a good bite on those axle tubes and spring perches so you don't :banghead: anymore. Hopefully next run we will be :chug: instead of :fire:

Hey, so you guys know Matt (nobody). I wheeled with him at Walker in the summer. Real nice guy. I didn't see his rig cuz it was under the knife at the time. Let's get him out on the NW run on Jan 6th.

....hoping to have drop shackles and a wristed arm by Jan 6....


Matt joined us. really nice guy. he said he was going to try and make it on the 6th. his wife didnt talk much though.

creative use of the smilies kevin...spare time on your hands?