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Trip Report: Lake Tahoe CA Strawberry Pass Tract 42


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October 29, 2009
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Bay Area, CA
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2000 EB
Me - 2000 explorer 33" MTR, Rear PowerTrax
Silver Runner - 2004 Lifted 4Runner 32" MTR
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July 22nd, 2010
Weather Beautiful Summer weather 85 Degree's F

Traveling South on Hwy 50 leaving south Lake Tahoe we had a little difficulty finding the trail head, which is lame as it is clearly marked and after a U-turn we found it and started our day.

Next we drove about .6 miles across the bridge to right and took a left turn on a dirt road and started to ascend.

We found some side hills to play a bit on.


Trail begins to get a little tighter and some paint got left behind.

First obstacle was the Waterfall and was relatively approachable for both of the vehicles in our group.



The Next Obstacle was Painted Rock which proved to be difficult for both in our group. We both ended up high centered on the large table top rock at the peak of the short rock climb. Luck would have it my buddies Runner got stuck first and longest and we used a PillowTrax (POS blew up) and then his high lift jack to get his Rig off the center. Next up was me and I ended up getting my Explorer high centered also on the painted table top rock. With two tow straps ( first one tore) we got my rig off the rock also. Took us about 90 mins to clear both rigs.


Added picture of my Rig stuck on the top of painted rock, lucky for me tow strap and my buddies Silver Runner was right in front to drag me off.


Next up was the Squeeze which was just made for our vehicles any additional wheel base and we would have incurred some body damage.


After this the trail got a good bit easier and allowed us some great pictures of a really beautiful part of this country



fix your links! this sounds like fun

Here is the Post Run Damage report... It appears that i have done a small amount of damage to my Gas Tank.


Also i had Transmission fluid all over my driveway yesterday morning but lucky for me that was only a clamp that had come loose from the tran cooler located in the stupid place with the lines under the frame rail and radiator... WTF was the ford engineer thinking dip ****.