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trip report


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June 20, 2011
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Illinois quad cities
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2020 ST
Well we've made our 2nd trip to Orlando Florida and so far (about 1500 miles so far this trip) haven't had any problems at all. To be honest the only thing I really don't like about the Ex is how low the arm rests sit on the door.

I'm 6 5 and have the seat most of the way out and actually drive with a pillow under my elbow to raise it up to the same height as the right one.

I think the gas mileage is down a little , but good lord I think the speed limit in Kentucky Georgia and Florida must be a lower limit :D We went thru Atlanta about 8 am on a Sunday and traffic was REALLY light ! I looked in my mirror and saw some kind of sports car coming up and passing me that had to be going 100 mph ( I was doing 80, when in Rome ya know )

Anyway the Ex is performing really well and just haven't had any complaints since the big Sync update earlier this year. Hope it goes just as well on the way home.

Got back yesterday with around 3100 miles for the trip. Averaged a little over 20 mpg. Had no problems what so ever so maybe I'm lucky :dpchug:

Noticed gas was cheaper south of Illinois.