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Trip to Sedona..Pictures!!!!


December 2, 2002
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Chandler, AZ
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'93 XLT
So we went to Sedona today and we have lots of pictures. We ended up doing Broken Arrow and Soldiers Pass. Well I know you dont like reading but here are the pictures. Sorry no Carnage

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Nice pics you got there chew

Great pics, your truck looks really good :thumbsup:

Thanks!! It was a very fun time. There were some crazy spots that you really cant tell but they were steep as hell! its were I was on the top of my car

Yea it was this one...It sucked once i got out I couldnt get back into my car becuase it was to high up. I had to go through the back door...

Cool pics. So did you make up that ledge??

Also really like the two pics of the shadows on the truck but the back ground is nice and bright.

Yea I did make it up that ledge, it was tought but all it needed was a ton of gas. The tires also helped a lot. We had an extra person so he was taking all the photos with helped a lot. Yea I did think the photos turned out great. Sedona is just a beautiful place.

This is my favorite pic..

Great pics. It looks like you had a great time. I've never been 'wheelin in Sedona I think it's about time :D

So have you had enough of the snow yet???

Winter is nothing without snow! Too much snow in Flag? Never!

most i ever hear of arizona is from my techs

hehe i work in south carolina, and dispatch techs all round arizona... from yuma to flagstaff hahah

yay i feel like im apart of the crowd


Where exactly is sedona & those trails? We just moved to phoenix area from pa.

There on the way up to flagstaff on the I-17. It is about 2 - 2.5 hours from Phoenix. The trials are like 10 min away from the center of sedona. Its a fun place.

Not too far away from flagstaff then huh. My girl has a baby on the way (due end of july) and after that we will want to do some nice wheelin.

Hopefully we'll be able to get some of you guys together for some wheeling up there.

Ya that would be sweet. Sedona is about 30-45 min away from flag