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trouble code assistance please...


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May 18, 2002
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Tempe, AZ
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92 XLT 4WD
hey explorer has a check engine light that comes and goes as it pleases. i went to Autozone and the computer spit out some codes, but they said that they didn't have it in their system. the codes were 53, 95, 39, in that order. is there a website or source with the code numbers and what they represent? thanks.

Ok here is what the Haynes manual has to say.

53 = Throttle Position sensor out of range (high)
95 = Fuel Pump circuit open, PCM to motor
39 = Not listed by Haynes

on another site I found this.
Code 39 = "transmission Torque Converter clutch not engaging"

Hope that helps.

My favorite website with a code list is which has a link to both 2 and 3 digit code lists.
One question: Are the codes KOEO, KOER, or continuous memory codes? It often makes a difference in the diagnostic tree. If the kind folks at Autozone didn't tell you, then go pull the codes yourself. The site above gives the procedure. On your '92 you technically don't need a voltmeter or test light to output the codes. They will also show up as flashes of the CEL.