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Trouble code P0443


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August 30, 2001
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I finally got my codes read at autozone and I got code P0443. I know it's something related to the evap. system but other than that I can't seem to find out much more. Any one know what part(s) need to be checked/replaced?

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Bumpity Bump, come on someone have an idea, i don't want to go ask Ford, they'll probably charge me eleventy billion dollars to tell me whats wrong.

I'm not where I have access to my ODB-II materials but from memory, it's a gross leak - meaning a leak equal to a .060 hole in the system...check all your fittings and the cap....when I am where I can check out the book on it I'll see if a) My memory is any good and b) what you can do.

EDIT. Ok I am stupid. It is NOT a gross leak but a purge valve circuit error. The purge valve is near the power steering pump as I recall... check your wiring, but in all liklihood for once a code MAY actually point to a bad component. It will have 2 hoses coming off of it, one goes to the charcoal cannister.... Not sure how you would test it.... but I am guessing that barring any obvious wire issues, it is the valve itself.... sorry for the earlier bad info. I left it up so you know I am just like all of us... and make mistakes too - a LOT !

It refers to your EVAP system/Emissions. Try cleaning your IAC.. I've heard that replacing the PCM can also correct it but I wouldn't go that route unless it was a definate. Not sure if it would be related to your 02 sensors or not.

This is a copy / paste from a search on the web...

* P0443- Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit Malfunction

* Generic OBD II codes are written in a standardized format. The first letter indicates the vehicle function: Body, Chassis or Powertrain. Code P0443 begins with the letter “Pâ€￾, which indicates a powertrain code. The next character tells us whether it is a generic or manufacturer specific code. “0â€￾ is generic, so P0443 is a generic code. The next three characters tell us more about the problem area. In this case a “4â€￾ indicates an auxiliary emission control code. The last two characters tell us that the code refers to “EVAP system – Purge valve circuit malfunction.â€￾

* P0443 indicates an electrical problem in the charcoal cannister purge
valve. Since it's in a rather hostile environment, check the connector first to be sure the contacts are bright and shiney and that the connector is undamaged and pushed all the way in - should be that tiny little 'click' as the lock tab engages. If there is any doubt at all, make sure all is clean and tight,
clear codes and see if it returns.... if so, there's about an 80% chance
that it's the Evap Purge solenoid.

I had a feeling it was the charcoal canister, I'll check it out today and hopefully that'll get rid of my check engine light and fix the super crappy gas mileage im getting.