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Trouble Removing Intake Manifold


July 5, 2009
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Jupiter, FL
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99 XLT

In attempting to remove the intake manifold on my 99 SOHV Explorer, I cannot fo rthe life of me figure out how the hell the large hose (obviously a return or something) that plugs in after the throttle body comes off. I can move the manifold a little bit and see the hose inlet (silver) move a very small amount. The line isn't flexible and ties into that forged iron bit just below it. Any ideas? I was going to use a BFH but since the manifold is plastic I decided against it.


Thank you


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Since Sport Tracs don't have the OHV engines I moved your post to the 95-01 Explorer section where more people would be familiar with it and be able to help.

It is stuck on the oring, it you use a long screwdriver and pry against the valve cover it will pop off there. It will take some force though.

it is the egr tube that comes up from the egr valve. It is held in place with a rubber o ring. The metal tube doesn't go straight into the manifold it is kinda bent on the end. You have to twist and move the manifold around as you are lifting it up to remove the manifold. It can be tricky getting it to come off. You could unbolt the tube at the egr valve, but those bolts can be fun to get off also.

I was able to remove the manifold with some persuasion, the lower section was interesting as the injectors tie right in. I scraped all the parts to mate up clean to the new gaskets. The old gaskets on the upper section had become flat and hard, the lower wasn't really any different other than it was old. After all was said and done a 45 minute car ride brought the CEL back on and with the same codes. While everything was apart I noticed a flat spot in the intake manifold gasket but was unable to find one locally for the same day. I'm guessing this could set the CEL off but was not able to get any results using carburetor cleaner while the engine was running with that area of the seal. Has this seal been know to cause the same codes?


Well now it seems I has a fuel leak passenger side closest to the fire wall. Those injectors were tricky to line up I hope I didn't crack or break one in the process. Anyone else run into this?


Ah ha crap injector o rings! Guessing the upper and lower are the same