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trouble rewiring an aftermarket headunit


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August 30, 2001
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After getting stuck on the trail and havin my headunit fall out of the dash i cannot for the life of me get it to work again. I've narrowed the problem down to the ACC wire in the wiring harness it appears the wire is dead. the power and ground wires are both still good so i tried tapping into the rear windshield washer switched for a 12v power source and that still doesnt work. it's strange i get 12v from the switch i tapped into and 12v from the wiring harness and still nothing when the key is on. the strange thing is if i disconnected one of the power wires the HU will beep at me like i took my keys out of the ignition. I've tested the HU on a powersupply at home and it powers up so i know it's not that. Any thoughts on what else i can try, it really sucks driving with no music.. :(

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geeze.normaly if u put the 12vconstant from the car to the 12vconstand and 12vswitched on the HU itl go on

have u tried that?

the 12v switched is the part of the stock harness that is bad, and that's the part i tried tapping off of the washer switch. though im starting to wonder again if my HU is bad.. whe i would touch the switched wire to the constant wire the HU still wound turn on in the truck.

i dunno not good at solving things w.o seeing friends HU went off and we couldnt get it to work so we touched the wires direct to the batt..the HU turned on so we knew it was the wires..i dont know if that can damage teh HU though

we touched the switched and constant to the pos and the neg to the neg..hope that helps

Sounds like you need another switched wire. Try the rear window defroster.