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Trouble Starting


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May 22, 2001
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Mahwah New Jersey
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92 xlt
My 92 XLT has some sort of fuel problem(I think).
Every morning I start my Explorer, it cranks, but dosn't start.
If I turn it off after trying to crank it and crank it again right away, it will start right up. When its started it runs fine. Is this a fuel pump problem?

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Hey biz,
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It could be a fuel pump problem, but let me as this... How much fuel is in your tank? I have the same problem, but only when I have <1/4 tank...


Well......Full or empty, it dosn't make a difference with my truck.

I put a fuel pressure gauge on and the pressure stayed up around 38-40 and over night it went down to 10. As soon as I started it up(after 2 tries) the fuel pressure went back to normal again.
Please Help!!!!!!!

Did you do a full pressure check?? Try relieving the fuel pressure before you try to start it, attach your gage, turn the key to on (Don't start the engine) and watch the gauge it should read 35-45psi. The pump should run for about 2 seconds and pressurize the system. The pressure should hold steady. If it starts to drop off, you probably have a fuel pump problem.
Another possiblility is that your are leaking down pressure into the engine. Do you have any black smoke on startup?? If so, you might have a bad injector.