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trouble with my 5R55E transmission


May 6, 2006
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Tacoma, Wa
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2001 Sport Trac XLT 4x4
Hey, Ive been with the site for a little while now, but Ive mostly read and not really posted. I am having trouble with my 01' sport trac. It seems to be the same problem with most of the 5R55E trannys'. Luckily mine is just now acting up after 153,000 miles. The gears will engage but it seems to be at the wrong time and I completly lost O/D, but the light is blinking. Another problem is there is kinda of a static noise coming from the tranny, it doesnt matter if i push it hard or take it easy. I read something about the OEM solenoid and the solenoid D but will this fix my problem? And what is the Solenoid D i was searching for it at online tranny stores but couldnt find it. Sorry if my descriptions were not that accurate, any advice would be helpful

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First get the codes thrown with the flashing OD light. Most auto parts stores will do this for free.

i took it to autozone and they checked the codes and the only thing they said popped up was some emission codes

If the OD light is flashing then a code should be posted. Try another store to retreive the codes.

does anyone know wich soleoids are the correct 6 that go on the 5R55E, I am trying to order them at I know the EPC and the TCC but there is 4 others. Is it the shift and coast solenoid or is it the shift solenoid?

There are 4 shift solenoids and they are all interchangeable.

thanks for the info, it was exactly what i needed to hear