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Troubleshooting Sunroof, Map Lights, A/C, CEL


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May 27, 2005
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Carmichaels, PA
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'95 Limited
Troubleshooting Sunroof, Map Lights, A/C, CEL, Wipers

Tonight I bought a '94 Limited. I tried to read around but couldnt find anything.

I found a set of wires, red/red(black) that were clipped near the bottom of the front door. I traced them back to the sunroof switch. I sent power to them and used a meter to test the current. I had power to the switch and the switch works. Yet, when I press it, absolutely nothing happens. No sound, no movement, nothing. What should I check next?

Map Lights
Bulbs are good, fuses are good. What should I check?

Turn it on, blows hot air. What can I do to fix this? I fear messing with A/Cs as I always hear its soo expensive, is this true?

After driving for about 20 mins my check engine light comes on. Is there a way to pull the codes without a scanner?

Windshield Wipers
When I turn them on they dont turn on unless it is on the fast setting. Intermittent and slow produce no noise or anything. Where should I start troubleshooting?

Thank You!

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Sunroof and map bulbs check for power at the bulb and or sunroof motor you may just have a broken wire along the way if there is power at the item (sunroof) then it may be the motor. A chilton manual will have wiring diagrams that show power, ground, and trigger wire to your sunroof, try to trigger it with 12 volt source. Also I don't know if the sunroof has a relay to provide power, if it does check that too. As for a/c it scares me too, it may only need recharging, it may be leaking, or it may be much worse, Recharging is cheap, leaks can be fixed, RUN AWAY from the rest. As for engine codes try
The wipers I'm not sure about, but someone else may, If it was me I would start by checking voltage at the motor in the different switch positions and try to eliminate one component at a time work from the motor to the switch. Good luck, let us know how you made out.

A/C. You may have a blend door problem. The blend door blends hot and cold air to maintain the temperature selected by the operator. There are various fixes you can do yourself to save the $1200 plus cost of removing the dashboard to get at the parts.

Google Ford blend door problem
Ford Blend door activator

If you hear a clicking sound under the glove box, see this:

Sun Roof will no Open / Close

I had the similar problem
After checking the switch to up & down
Please remove the console panel above
use both hands only the fingers pull down the console
I use a rubber mallet to hit the motor (sun roof)
It then started working (use silcone lube inside the gears)
spray the electric connections with electrical spray
If this does not work then the motor have to be replaced