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Truck always saying it needs oil change


April 19, 2013
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Lakeland, FL
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2006 Ford Explorer
I did the first oil change on this truck since buying it. Switched to synthetic. Didnt know about resetting the oil indicator at the time. Drove about 1,000 miles or so and it said it needed an oil change. I did change the oil early, so it made sense regarding the timing. I googled how to reset and did so. No probs.

I then replaced the battery and it came back asking for oil change. I did the same reset procedure and now every time I turn crank it up, it asks for an oil change. I reset and its good for a little bit. Next time I crank, it asks again.

Wtf? The oil is only about 1,800 miles in now. Still good.

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It sounds like you got into the menu section that allows you to change the oil life percentage before alerting you to needing an oil change and set it to 0% on accident. Set the value to 100% if you want it to go 5000 miles/180days before alerting you to needing to change the oil. The first popup on the screen is what you want to select to reset the oil life... you don't want to ever mess with the oil life percentage unless you want it to remind you every say 3000 miles/120days.

I believe that 100% is actually 7500 miles. Check the owner's manual to be sure.

Correct, for '06 it is 5000 miles at 100%. Not sure what year Ford changed it to 7500 miles at 100%.