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truck cranks but doesnt turn over


December 5, 2007
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'92 Ranger XLT
I will try to keep it short, 92 Ranger 2.3 Had a short to my fuel pump relay ,mechanic put splice connector on..worked fine for over a yr. 4 mos. ago i get in and crank and crank, here i figure the fuel pump, for the heck of it i get a new relay..wa laa she starts, all of a sudden last month it cranks and cranks, try another relay..still wouldnt start..tried for a couple days ..same thing all of a sudden one day i get in she fires up like nothing was wrong..couple days later back to turning over not starting, i have it at a shop right now ,but the guy says it is starting and has "nothing to fix" any ideas?? i appreciate it

Thank You for the nice welcome........the check engine light is always on..... i am hard of hearing so forget about hearing any starts and runs great for a few days and then it punks out again. don't know what to do....someone suggested a short between the fuel pump relay and the do i check for such a thing? MY fuse box under the hood is loose and the relay is sitting in the socket next to the box..not inside.. would this have anything to do with it..i mean does the fuse box have to be securely attached as for a ground or something ?

The fuse box, and relay probably keep bouncing as you drive. Secure it back together to prevent the wires from constantly moving. The fuel pump, and computer relays could be checked by using a jumper wire to bypass the relay contacts when you have this problem. If it starts when it's jumped, then it won't start when the relay is plugged back in is an indicator that the relay is no good. Do one relay at a time to troubleshoot the problem.