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Truck Haven South


meaty beaty big & bouncy
July 19, 2004
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City, State
Baja California
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99 XLT
Hey all,

Been exploring a lot of Baja and helping out Baja Pits with this years Baja 1000 we are going to be helping out at pit 12 this year smack in the middle of the peninsula.

I got home with a couple days to get the truck ready for Truck Haven & found out there was an event scheduled for the same weekend over in Mexicali that Baja Crawlers were expected at...

So I was close ('bout an hour South of T.H.), got the same winds Saturday night and as we drove home Sunday night, I could see the fires coming over the hills into Tecate:eek:

I hope everyone in the fire area is OK, anyway here are some pictures of the event:






















A lot like Truck Haven:


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Nice pics Chris:chug: Your rig is looking great! Definitely looks like it's getting the job done.

OOOHHHH Nice might have to make it down there sometime:D


This place was very cool, it sits in the shadow of a volcano and has lots of rocky trails, miles of prerunner tracks as well as the Truck Haven type stuff.

crater complete with graffiti:rolleyes:

Looks like an awesome time FAT CAT! does so totally look like truck haven...:D

Looks like you are the big dog with those 40" IROKs now! Makes me pissed that I just bought a new set of 33" TrXus MTs...:thumbdwn:
I'll go big next time around.:salute:


Yes FAT CAT, tell us about the tires. When did you switch from the 37" MT/Rs? :)

Looks like a good time.

Please more about the tires.....

Oh and i will say i am close to that jeep in color......Looks like a great time.

Tires came about because I was having a hard time time finding some new military tires, or any tires for the 16.5 rims on my van. So as luck would have it, I found these 39.5 13.5 on 17 radial Iroks on Pirate for $600.00 & they included 8 lug ford rims that would fit on the van.

So I took the 37's & put them on the new rims for the van & the Iroks went on my rims for the explorer.

I had to cut the hell out of the rear wheel wells to get them to stuff but everything is good to go now!:salute: The fronts fit with no problems with the glass fenders.

I ran them all weekend at 0-3 lbs of air without beadlocks & they worked good & stayed on. We'll see how everything holds up with them.

The explorer is getting mothballed till next spring as I'm going to focus on getting the van 100% I just put in a new (used) engine and had the tranny rebuilt. I'm going to put in new gears and a rear locker then start on re-doing the interior...

Wow, that is awesome!! I actually remember seeing those tires on Pirate. Yes, you need to update the van thread too. :)

Looks good Chris, so are you still running the 37" for a spare? Because I don't think a 39.5 will fit in the cargo area:D Actually, I know it will not! :p:

I'll get a new spare one day as the 37 is going to be the spare for the van...

Not sure if the 40" spare will fit where I have the 37 now or up on the rack...

I picked them up in the wifes Explorer & all 4 fit in the back with the rear seats folded down. The guy that sold them was surprised & said he had a hard time fitting them in the back of his pick up