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Truck Haven Users something for you & all voters


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July 8, 1999
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From my club list:

From: John Stewart <jstewart@cox.net>
To: Recipient List Suppressed:;
Subject: Article for Publication: The Best Exercise: Your Right to Vote
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 22:19:34 -0700

>The below is submitted for consideration for publication in your club or
>association newsletters:
>The Best Exercise: Your Right to Vote
>by: John Stewart, Director of Environmental Affairs, UFWDA
>Every two years, Americans have the opportunity to exercise their right to
>vote. This year, 2002, is a time when every seat in the House of
>Representatives is up for election. Nation wide, many Senators and state
>governors are also up for election. This year is also the year when
>re-districting due to the 2000 census will have an impact on the
>congressional races.
>In California, the impact of redistricting is being felt in San Diego and
>Imperial Counties which have been represented by one individual that has
>been a friend of recreation: Duncan Hunter. For those not in tune with
>the southern California, Imperial County is home to the Glamis San Dunes,
>also known as Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.
>The area is a very popular recreation area and is a prime target for the
>wilderness advocates. Duncan Hunter has stood up to the wilderness
>advocates and represented recreation interests.
>The problem is, redistricting has caused some changes. Duncan Hunter no
>longer represents Imperial County and the sand dunes area. That area has
>been annexed to Bob Filner's district. Filner is one of the more liberal
>of liberal Democrats in the House. He is not a friend of recreation. His
>constituents are the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity.
>Some of you may wonder why a 4-wheeler should be concerned with the
>sand-buggy and ATV area. Well, Imperial County is also the location of
>Truckhaven Hills. If you have heard of Tierra del Sol Desert Safari, that
>is Truckhaven. It is one of the premier 4-wheeling spots left in the
>So, the stakes are high for this election cycle. Every pro-access
>candidate elected (or re-elected) is a plus for recreation.
>Senator Boxer has introduced her vision of California Heritage Wilderness
>in the Senate. That "vision" is not expected to advance; however, it will
>never go away.
>Three representatives from California have introduced their version of the
>overall Boxer Wilderness proposal. Together, these three bills encompass
>more area than the Boxer bill. They will not go away.
>So, you don't live in California and have no influence on the California
>Heritage Wilderness proposal? Not quite. Congressional hearings will be
>held in the House and Senate during coming years. Your elected
>representatives are the ones that will be making the decisions on those
>Similar wilderness initiatives are being prepared for New Mexico, Arizona,
>Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and other states. In Florida, almost 90 percent
>of the state is private property. Efforts are underway to transform
>private land into government ownership. The name of the plan is The
>Wildlands Project.
>There are two critical points that must succeed in the November election:
>Pro-access candidate must retain control of the House.
>Pro-access candidate must regain control of the Senate.
>Neither is a direct boon to motorized recreation. Both are necessary to
>preserve what we have.
>Finally, if you are not registered to vote, please do not delay: REGISTER
>Election day is November 5. Please exercise your right to vote. Vote for
>and support pro-access candidates at all levels of government.
>John Stewart
>Director, Environmental Affairs, UFWDA, http://www.ufwda.org
>Recreation Access and Conservation Editor, http://www.4x4wire.com
>Webmaster, Tierra del Sol 4x4: http://www.tds4x4.com
>Webmaster, Jeep-L: http://www.jeep-l.net


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November 12, 2001
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Thank You Steve. This has been an ongoing problem now in California. As we get more liberal representatives that are influenced by the Eco-Nazis, we can only prepare for more and more battles over recreation.

I urge ALL California voters to please join the California Off Road Vehicle Association ( www.corva.org ) . And to follow the lead of the California League of Off Road Voters ( www.clorv.org ). These two organizations have made great strides to keep our lands open, and membership is inexpensive.

Please do your share, or else your voice will fall silent and our sport will be no more. YOU can make a difference!



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July 14, 1999
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Very good info! I was not aware that districts had been redrawn out there. Both those guys are well known in SD for what they are, Hunter as a conservative, and Filner as very liberal.

Sean, can you check the link you gave for CLORV? It won't work for me. I've never heard of them, and would like to read up.