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yea, I have so much vacation to use up right now..


Oct 23, 2021 is a Saturday.
Oct 30, 2021 is a Saturday. Halloween is Sunday night.
Nov 6th, 2021 is a Saturday.

We will also probably be headed down there between Dec 25th and Jan 1st for a few days, just to get out of dodge..

Hey let me know when you guys are planning on doing this maybe me and old man can come and have some fun if I have my explorer back at that point lol

So.... nobody wheels any more around here🤷

I’m going to head out that way in the new rig November 13th with the fam, but staying in the Borrego Springs area to find all of the metal sculptures (already done this myself). When we are done with that, we’ll be going up Sheep Canyon and camping overnight.

Would be pumped to have some of you guys make it out to this meet in 2 weeks

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