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Truck of the Week Diffwhackdaddy 2/3/04

I have a 93 XLT w/ Auto tranny. It was nicknamed The Big Model by my neighbor and is not affectionately called the Green Mistress by my Wife. I currently live in Arlington, WA.

So far I have added:
  • Front solid d44 with 79 bronco coil buckets, F250 shock mounts, 5.5" Wild Horses Rock Crawler EB springs, and chrome molly axle shafts.
  • Front diff guard and custom steering links
  • Rear Spring Over Axle with Old Man Emu 2" lift springs and Warrior Shackles
  • 35x12.50 Good Year MTR's
  • 4.88 gears front and rear w/ ARB air lockers front and rear.
  • Rear TA support diff cover to protect 8.8 and ARB
  • Advance Adapters installed a 700-R4 and the kit is now available.
  • Additional stock type transmission cooler (2 total) with an external tranny filter from permacool
  • Atlas II transfer case w/ 3.8:1 gears and 1350 u-joints
  • Smittybuilt winch front bumber reinfoced with 2" square tubing and an added receiver hitch for a front tow point
  • Smittybuilt rear bumber modified w/ a reciever hitch and swing down tire/hi-lift carrier
  • KKM Sport Induction air filter
  • Borla catback exhaust modified to exit at side
  • Warn HS9500i winch
  • Rancho RS9000 shocks at each corner
  • ARB air pump provides on board air for tires and ARB air lockers.
  • Custom Rock Sliders built by arsoul
  • PIAA Superwhite replacement headlamp bulbs
  • PIAA 520 fog lights (1 pair)
  • KC 150 watt Daylighters (1 pair)
  • Xtreme 2"X4" driving lights mounted above rear hatch glass and wired into reverse lights
  • Rock lights above rear axle facing the rear and behind the front tires facing the front.
  • Dual battery system utilizing 2 Optima yellow tops and the ABS relay circuitry to control isoltion of the second battery.
  • Cobra 7 CB w/ 5.5' Firestick antenna mounted to rear bumper
  • Magellan Map 330 GPS
  • Sony audio deck matched w/ a 10 disk cd changer and all new speakers including a 12" MTX subwoofer

    Future plans include:
  • Internal roll bar
  • AGR Rock Ram (or equivalent) Hydrolic Assist Steering
  • in the proccess of rebuilding a motor. It's going to use a comp street grind cam and exhaust through headers and a high flow cat.




Here's a link to some more pics of the beast and the solid axle converion pics.

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Diff Whack Daddy

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February 19, 1999
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I actually got them from the raffle at truckhaven, but SVO is where they originally came from.

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Originally posted by Stic-o
Buy! I just want to rip them off a car in the junkyard for free!:p
Well, you will probably be waiting a long time before one of the rigs that buys them from SVO to make it to a junkyard. :D


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September 12, 2002
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I love the truck, bet it took u long hours of hard work to make it look that good. Congrats,



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August 27, 2001
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Couldn't have gone to a cooler person ;) Much deserved IMO, even if the truck's owner secretly moonlights in a Jeep from time to time :eek: :D Wish I lived closer so I could watch that monster in action!