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Truck Stalling


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March 24, 2007
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Petawawa, ontario
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93 XLT
So when i am driving the truck just dies, the rpms slowly drive like it is running out of fuel? then stalls and it will start right away after that!! It seems to happen when i am givin her throttle like it is not gettin enough gas or something??? Just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them before!

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try searching the forum. check you fuel system.consider the last time the fuel filter was changed.if you dont know when the last time was, then the time to do it is now...check and clean the throttle bodie.check the fpr(fuel pressure regular).All else fails drain and clean tank to remove access waste.

check gas for water remover the feed line and drain a inch or two into a cup.dont use a styrofoam cup.

howd ur cold start? when u go to start it up after not driving it for a while does it turn right over? because then your not havin trouble w/ your fuel delivery. fuel lines, pump, filter, all that. you can pull the fuel line to the throttle body to check in case though. just turn the key and the electronic fuel pump will start pumping, youll kno if your geting gas. if your just dieing out of nowhere. i would try a few other things. clean your air filter and check that. disconnect the battery for atleast ten minutes, this will reset your ECU and your computer will relearn the fuel/air ratio and this could cure your problem! lastly, pull your plugs and give them a look. lots more quick fixes than diving into your fuel system which to me doesnt sound like its the problem right now

this is the modified forum, you may get more help in the 911, tech, or stock forum

there is truth to that dora but if its a fuel pump just starting to go out then it might not fail until after the truck is being driven.

hence the "does it after i give it some throttle" -- failing fuel pump cant keep up with jump in demand, but it can pump up enough at start to run the car. my haste of reading your post i missed the under-load comment. in that case your most likely getting robbed of fuel. some other things to consider though, clogged exhaust and i would def. look into the fuel filter seeing as how thats a pretty eas fix!

sorry but hope everything helps
thanks seth

Thanks alot for all the places to start looking! Air filter is fine, checked that last night, Just put new plugs in 2 months ago, fuel maybe like 6 months ago( def gonna put another one in in case). But i do beleive it does have something to do with the fuel though. Thanks again guys

Possible vacuum leak! Listen for a sucking sound under the hood on the drivers side.(while running)

Possible bad tranny modulator valve.

Any check engine light? If so please report back with the codes.

Good Luck! :)

No there is no cehck engine light at all, But did hear a lil kinda like a back fire today, picked up the fuel filter and am putting it on today to see what happens

You have a bad transmission modulator valve!

I had the same problem, bought the part for about $20 and had a local shop install itfor $100. I instantly had it driving like a new truck!

So changed the fuel filter and although it was really and i mean really bad it did not help!! I am starting to think it is that transmission modulator valve, how hard is that to change?

I paid a shop! I hear it can be a Pain in the A**!

Good Luck!

So the part i am really comfused on is when i first start it and it is cold it runs fine i can mat it and it works, but after running it for like 5 mins is when the problems occur?? i havent tryed the modulator yet but i am busy workin on something else right now!lol