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Truckhaven 2010 Jan 23-24 Discussion

There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza, there's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza there's a hole
Jeff - :navajo:

Then fix it, Dear Henry, Dear Henry. Then fix it, Dear Henry. Then fix it. :cool:

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Considering we sit on top of the water cavarn here (don't have a clue as to how full it is or isn't) but when the ground is saturated our basement begins to be an indoor pool!

We're grabbing the other car and our swimsuits. Hope it's heated. :D

Only place life goes right is when I am out wheeling. I will be still out there for the day on Saturday. Need to escape from the real world for a few hours.

So WTF?? We are still planning on showing up.
Is anyone else coming?
I thought we planned on camping off Marina Drive, but if no one else is coming, we should consider the Mesa camp.

I'm camped right off box canyon rd right now. The entrance into painted canyon is washed out bad. Can a tow rig pull and z down box canyon rd, yes... should you.... depends if dishes egtc break, then no..otherwise you can make it. I never needed 4x4 in the van until I got off the road a bit.
BTW. the road is closed at the noth end and about 1/2 of the road is washed away about 2/3rd of the way down box canyon..

Tomorrow I try to swing down to marina dr. and see how it looks...

one other thing... Its clear here, with no big W..
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"State Of Emergency Declared For All Of Arizona"

A huge winter storm slammed into Arizona Thursday, flooding highways and forcing some evacuations, stranding travelers at the Phoenix airport, and prompting Gov. Jan Brewer to declare a state of emergency for the entire state.

A tornado watch was issued until 10 p.m. Thursday for Maricopa, La Paz, Yuma and Pinal counties as the massive weather system moved east from California, and heavy winds forced the closure of Thursday night of one of the Valley's elite collector-auto auctions.

Two tents were reportedly blown down shortly after dark Thursday at the Russo-Steele Auto Auction just south of Loop 101 near Scottsdale Road. The Scottsdale Fire Department was on-scene and evacuating the one remaining large tent at the event. One person was reported injured and was being evaluated, but the injury was not believed to be serious.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety shut down Loop 101 between Scottsdale and Hayden in both directions to clear debris from the road near the auction.

The nearby Barrett-Jackson collector-car auction being held at Scottsdale's WestWorld moved all of its customers out of a large vendors' tent and into the main auction tent as a precaution because of high winds and rain. While company officials expected the auction to continue Thursday night, many of those in attendance began leaving shortly before 7 p.m. as Scottsdale Fire Department officials advised them to clear out.

My friend Tim just called me and wants to go wheelin' so I told him about our run, he'll be joining us for the slopfest. Either location is good with me, i'll probably come out Sat. morning.

Winds have just picked up as well as more rain here. Looks like more rain tomorrow. I'll be glad when this weather clears up.

I'm planning on heading down saturday morning as well. I dont have to go through box canyon so I'm good there. Just need to know what site :thumbsup:

I am not too sure about either spots. Marina Drive might be muddy, but the bluff entrance trail might be a lake.
Maybe we shoud camp further up the bluff like we did a few times. Its hard ground and I have been up there in the rain with no problems. I don't know, someone decide.

Holly road you can see on the map froader posted. It is right at the base of the bluffs campground heading towards the bathrooms that are down there. Should make for a fun trip. With all the rain we will need to be careful as there could be major washouts across washes and trails blocked by cave ins. The ditches should be in nice shape as well.

Guys have a good trip this year. Its looking interesting.

I am going to camp up here:
We just returned from a weekend trip to Truckhaven. No Explorer, it got painted this weekend, and I am picking it up in a few days.

I found a great place to camp up on the mesa that gets us access to both sides, Truckhaven and Ocotillo OHV (I think). I did not walk all the way down the Octollio trail, but it looks well traveled and goes in the right direction.

There is a way down into Truckhaven from right here, that I saw a Tacoma drive up, so I know any Explorer can make it.:cool:

This entrance is 2.0 miles west of the second closed road on the right if you are heading west on S-22, and 1.5 miles east of the huge relay tower.

And another, you can see where our RV was parked and its right on the edge of the cliff, and there is a way down just past it.

In front of the RV is kind of a off shoot of the mesa that has a few spots already cleared for tents, and looks mostly flat for camping. There is even a fire ring at the edge of the cliff, for scenic campfires. If someone gets there around noon, it should not be a problem getting the spot, or one near it. I just liked this one because it has a interesting way down into Truckhaven.

I also have it on GPS
33 degrees 16.751N
116 degrees 03.550W
395' above sea level.

What do you think??

We have camped here a few times before and its solid ground. I don't want to risk taking the RV off the pavement on Marina Drive. It gets muddy down there and its been raining for four days straight. If this spot is taken, which might happen since CORVA is right down the hill, the first arrival can drive along the bluff until they find another spot big enough for all of us. My parents are coming from Arizona and should be arriving there sometime before dark today (Friday). They have a big white Dolphin RV that pulls a stock silver 99' 4-Runner. If you get there before me, look for them.
Anybody, anybody.........Bueller?????

Whatever works, i'm just out for the day. You campers should be the ones to decide;)

I see snow on the mtns. near Yucca and Joshua tree...might have to take a cruise up there.
Wanna join me Maniak? It's about a 20 min drive from where you are.

well we're going to have to decide soon... haha

Rick, You coming out??? Say Yes, or I will hurt you...:p::D
You know, Jump you out, that kind of thing

Is everyone okay with camping on the bluff???? That is where I think we should be, just cause it could be real muddy down off Marina. We are leaving in about an hour, so I need to know sooner than later.

I'll head over to the bluff when i come out in the morning to meet up probably be there around 930 or 10 am im hoping :thumbsup: unless there are any changes.

I'll be coming out. Just not sure about tonight or tomorrow morning because the forecast says rain tonight and we are in tents. Haven't been to that camping spot before Brian but I am sure we'll find it.

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...I'm out...:(

...I have been getting calls since last night and need to make repairs for people all weekend before the next rains come in...:thumbdwn: