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Truckhaven 20th Anniversary Run MLK Weekend Jan. 15-17

Wish I was there. Lets see some trail pics!

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Tonight, a group came in who favors Mexican polka music at high volume. It was much quieter last night.

Did a few hours on the trail today.



Wish I could have been there!

Wish I could have been there!

Me too...I'm stuck working this and next weekend because it might rain..:banghead:

Keep the pics coming and turn up that "La Banda" goes good with Tequila after you eat the worm..:)

A few from today. I miss this so much... I took a bunch with my Nikon and will upload them when I get home tomorrow.

That mounted camera should give some great pics. Is that video? I am motivated to fix my stripped tie rods and get out there for the next trip. And clear the damn calendar

Everyone but Rick and I went home. A bunch if the big speakers group left, but the keeper of the speakers remained. We moved up to another mesa about 1/2 mile north of the main entrance road. Better view and no crazy loud music. Quiet night expected.

Another Truckhaven sunset pic.


I'm back home and already miss being out there. I needed this trip, very much. It was great to see everyone, and it's been too long. I hope to make the trips more regularly again. Thanks for the seat, [MENTION=7221]DB_1[/MENTION], and thank you [MENTION=3817]BKennedy[/MENTION] for that beer!

Picture Link: Explorer 20th MLK - Colin Ignacio

A few for this thread attached. I'm not sure you guys are going to be able to handle the awesomeness of the last shot!!

I'll check the video from my GoPro and upload if there is anything good.

Had a great time out there despite Club Twerkhaven next to us bumping music until 4 in the morning. Wish more could've made it out being the 20th anniversary and all but that's the way it goes.

We covered a lot of ground since we were a small and capable group, explored areas I've never been to out there or at least it's been years since I have.

Glad you made it out Colin, it was long overdo and you're always welcome in my truck:thumbsup: Great pics by the way...I don't take as many pics as I used to for some reason.

Great pics. My son Nathan who came with me for the first time last year just saw the pics and said, "Dad, why didn't we skip my soccer game, I love truckhaven, all the people we know were there!"

Great trip. Was good to see some of the gang. I have some go pro video I have to go through, and then I'll get it up.

Dave the reason you don't take many pictures is your probably trying to enjoy the experience, rather than documenting it. I found my self doing this over the years.

Here are a couple from the GoPro. I didn't get much with it.

Here is one from my phone.

We only had 2 trees this year.


Sitting around this...


Great pics Colin and it was great to see you again.

I had a fantastic time this weekend. Great trails, and great company.

Thank you for helping to celebrate the forum's 20th anniversary. I'm really looking forward to many more years. In only 4 more years we will be celebrating our 20th year at Truck Haven! :chug:

Still here, might stay another night.


So was it as quiet as you had hoped last night after moving camp?

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Brian found a spectacular location which overlooked the ditches, and the sea. We turned left off of Marina Dr. onto 86 then made the first left back into the Truck Haven area. Nice and quiet.

My eyes are bugging me from the drive. I'll be uploading my pics and videos as soon as I can.