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Truckhaven Turkey Day run '08

It's just outside of Borrego Springs. It's about 30-40 min from Truckhaven. I believe you take Palm Canyon Drive, and it ends into where the dirt road starts. Let me look at my trail book and get back.

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Ok, from Truckhaven you would take the s22 all the way to Borrego Springs. Before you get to the "traffic circle" make a right on Di Giorgio Rd. Go to the end and it turns into a dirt road, which then becomes Coyote Canyon. Maps below.

Last time I went was when I first got my truck from Mark.

From Truckhaven:

From the 79 > s2 through Borrego Springs:

I think i've been there many moons ago, went with my buddy Tim when my truck was still in it's TTB days. I remember a fairly deep stream crossing and a loose rock hill climb which was a one way in/out deal to the canyon.

Went there last year. Nothing hard. The entrance up the side canyon is a little challenging, but once in the main canyon, its smooth. Lots of good places to dry camp up there, but you could run every trail in the canyon in a day. I did it last year with Sarah in about four hours.

yeah, it's not hard at all, but it's a nice relaxing place. We used to do it in our 2wds. Sometimes the rain made it harder but still makeable.

Dave, sometimes the creek crossings are pretty deep (up to the doors) in both spots. Plus there are a couple areas where you actually drive up the creek between the overgrown bush on the side, like the 2nd pic of my dads that I posted.

Here's a couple of Borrego Springs pics I dusted off, I think this was around 97 or 98.


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Yeah, bought it new in '97 at Villa Ford and a few months later put a 4" Superlift with 33's, regeared to 4.56 and had a one piece driveshaft made all in the first year...whew. Except for the D-shaft, kinda wish I had all the money I spent on those mods. I did some good wheelin' at least from the get go:D

So what was this thread about again:p:

So what was this thread about again:p:
Franks and beans.. and this:


My dad and I are still in for whatever. I'll just wait for peeps to post what's happening with them.

...How far is it to town for a soda fountain???..:D

...I got some time and worked on my X so she is running better but I just need work to pick up now, and not after turkey day..;)

If we camp at the end of the trail, it's at least an hour trip to Borrego Springs. We don't have to go there, it was just an idea for my dad and I if nobody was going to Truckhaven. We are going to the desert either way.

Im In If Work Picks Up,..
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If we come out, it will be on Friday - Sunday. Still undecided about Truckhaven or Calico.
Still have an Explorer in pieces in the garage, though less pieces than yesterday. Got the transfer case back in today, built a new "torque arm". I have to wait for the sealant to dry before I can fill up the transmission and give it a go. Am going to change the transfer case fluid while I am under there and the skid plate is off.
Still need to put the drive shafts back in, install some linkage, and the speedo cable, but all the big stuff is finished.

Subscribing to see where this goes.

I'll keep my truck together if this is still a go. I may or may not have a new bumper made by then but I can always slap my old one on for the run.

for not going to make this...:( I have to Friday and Sunday...if I would like to have a job after the first of the year:(

I got the Explorer all put together today and it no leaks! Shifts fine too. I think I stretched the cable for the transfer case shifter because it has been giving me trouble. I have been playing around with the adjustments. It works, just does not feel right. I think I pinched the o ring for the speedometer cable because there is a little bit of fluid seeping out of there since I changed the t-case fluid.

So, now we just need to decide where we are going.:p:

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