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Truckhaven Underground 2 :Movie Trailer


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September 1, 2002
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freakin heck yeah! muse. love those guys

truckhaven looks pretty cool, i'll have to go there sometime

SWEET! Where can I get #1?:navajo:

yea! re-upload #1 please!

Looking good Stic-o:chug:

I will soon load all of my movies up on You Tube. I belive Calico is already on there.

Jefe, I don't think the video is working off your site...I tried to see if it would load but it didn't work.. EDIT: I lied..It's working:thumbsup:

I just need to get my own site up and working, but sense I have no clue what I'm doing! :confused:

Nice!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it

Movie Launchs at Midnight* Tonight!!! :bounce:


Nice use of the WorldWind globe image at the beginning.... :P


Great Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is singing in the underground one video? I like the sing.

The Original is music by "The killers"

T minus 2 hours until release!!:bounce:

I'll give you a hint of this upcomings video's music...:D

"Gunter glieben glauchen globen" :smoke:


Oh wait, Def Leppard?

hmmm.. I wonder if it's all new stuff, or just a re-mash?

i feel like stimpy waitin for next week... oh well off to play with the magic nose goblins...