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January 13, 2000
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Westminster/Huntington Beach, CA
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94 XLT 2wd
Truckhaven Nov 28-29

Anyone up for a run anytime soon to Truckhaven? My dad and i just got back from working on my grandma's house at the salton sea. The house is on the other side of of the sea from salton city. The weather was perfect out there. What days are people able to go? I have the whole week off of thanksgiving from school.

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I know there are some people going out there. Not sure who though. Maybe they will let you know on this post.



Let me know when you are going out there. I only live like two hours away.

Found out that i'm now working fulltime up to Thanksgiving. How about Friday and Sat, Nov 28 and Nov 29th? This sound good to you guys?

What's truckhaven?

Its a bigass offroading spot down here in SoCal Bob. Look around for some pics, theres a lot of them around.

Gopher, that sounds good to me...Get up there Friday afternoon then maybe hit up a night run. Camp out, wheel on Saturday and cruise back home. We'll see who else is up for some action

Are you guys going in January?

Yup of course going in Jan too. This is to test the water so to speak. TRuckhaven is an offroad playhouse. There is pretty much everything there for every level of both truck and driver. Good times to be had