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Truxx lift with 20" wheels


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December 7, 2011
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ST Limited V8 2007
Hi guys i was wondering if someone has used the truxxx lift kit with 20" wheels if there's anybody please let me know, i have the kit it was used with my 06 v6 explorer with pirelli 285/70/17 but i sold it and bought a 07 v8 ST put in some 2011 explorer 20's but don't know how is gonna look if lifted, and do i really need BTF control arms for daily driver? my offroad is at the beach haha very poor no mud or bad roads, any pics or info i welcome thanks!!


2006 V6 explorer truxxx lift pirelli 285/70/17


2007 V8 ST/ 2011 explorer 20" wheels hankook 255/50/20 no lift

2007 V8 ST/Warrior 350

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I just purchased the truxxx lift for my 2007 SP and would also like to know if I will need to replace other suspension parts, will post pics once the kit is installed.

Added Truxxx lift with 18" tires

Just posted this on another thread.

Ok, I have a 2007 Sport Trac Limited V8 4x4.

The stock tires look too small, so I wanted bigger tires. I installed P255 / 70 / R18 Firestone Destination AT tires. With those tires, I had some rubbing on the plastic wheel well when turning and going over bumps.

When I looked for information of adding a lift on here, there seemed to be a lot of confusion between the Explorer and Sport Trac suspensions. I couldn't find any clear facts. Some web sites listed fitment for both, others just the Explorer.

On the Truxxx website, they said the leveling kit with the same part number, #102010 , fits both. I called them to verify and they said yes they are both the same.

I then called Rancho and was able to talk to a knowledgeable person there. They told me that both vehicles did have the same mounting points.

I was looking at using the Quicklift or RS 5000 struts from Rancho. I did see on here that some people said by using the Quicklift they felt it wore out the ball joints & other parts prematurely or they needed to change the upper arms.

I decided to go with the Truxxx leveling kit & new Rancho shocks. I found the Truxxx leveling kit on Ebay for $200. Pep Boys had a sale on the Rancho shocks and 1/2 off price for installation.
I installed Rancho RS 5000 Struts. Rear - RS5754 & Front - RS5753.

After a little discussion I convinced Pep Boys that since they had to remove the struts & springs anyway to install the new shocks, it would be an easy install. They didn't charge me anything extra to install the lift kit. (Other shops I called would not install any suspension altering equipment)

The Truxxx information included detailed installation directions & new Alignment specs which were dead on.

The bigger tires did cause an issue that I wasn't expecting with my speedometer. It now is off about 5MPH. I have ordered a kit to adjust the computer with the correct tire size which I am told will cure that.

Overall I am very happy with the whole setup. It raised the truck roughly 3"-4" providing plenty of clearance. It does rides a little rougher with the stiffer off-road shocks and heavier tires. Feels like a true 4x4, not a tweener. On the highway it cruises, handles & rides very smooth. Wife isn't as happy because she has to hop up into the truck now.

18" rims & Truxxx Lift

Here are pictures of 18" rims with P255 / 70 / R18 tires and the Truxxx lift. I did also add new Rancho struts too.


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Nice looking truck SSCochrane, I had the rubbing issue with sharp turns with the pirelli 285/70/17 on the explorer I'm guessing it will happen worst with the 20's but i really want my truck with the lift, i have the kit sitting around doing nothing I sold the explorer without the kit cause i knew it was gonna fit the ST but didn't thought if it was going to work with the 20's without doing any mods