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TRW Lower ball joint 104222 Grease fitting


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November 9, 2005
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2000 XLT 4.0 SOHC 4X4
I am replacing my lower ball joint with a TRW 104222. No grease fitting was included in the box, and the ball joint has a cap pushed in where the grease fitting should go. I tried to pry it out, and thread in a grease fitting I had inmy tool box, but it wasn't moving without some real force.

Last time I bought TRW lowers they had a grease fitting.

Are the new ones now sealed???

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Did you buy their cheap model or the expensive one? I know the top of the line model has a grease zirk.

Not sure, all I know is that its made in China and cost $30.

Im now thinking that if it was to have a zerk fitting, there would not be this little cap stuck it. I'm conerned that if I force it out, and there are no threads for a fitting, Im going to be SOL...

I'd assume if there's a plug in the top it's for the fitting.

I'd assume if there's a plug in the top it's for the fitting.

Not necessarily. My Tie rod ends have no grease fitting, but they do have the same type of cap where the fitting should be. They are Ford OEM

Did you take the cap out of them and see if it's a grease fitting?

Did you take the cap out of them and see if it's a grease fitting?

No I didn't. The cap is in very tight, and even if I pried it out it wont tell me anything. There was a bag in the box with a cir-clip, cotter pin, and castle nut. Bag says: Attention this bad may contain self tapping grease fitting(s) for threaded and non threaded holes.

Doesn't mean much. I was hoping someone else may have bought one of these TRW's and can tell me if there is a fitting to go with them or not.

Last time I used these same TRW joint and they had grease fittings. The grease fitting rusted and broke off, and I was unable to grease the lower and it wore out. That's why I have to do this again.

I thought of calling TRW customer service, but we all know what tools they are...

Any reason for not exchanging them? Many other brands have zerks.

Any reason for not exchanging them? Many other brands have zerks.

No receipt as I bought this over a year ago.

I don't really care if my ball joint has a zerk or not. I just want to know if this TRW needs one then I will install it as is. If its a sealed ball joint I'm fine with that, its I just don't know.

My only concern is that if it came with a Zerk and it fell out of the box, or someone took it out. If it should have a Zerk I can get one for it. Or if it doesn't come with one, I will just install it as is. If I take out the cap and damage it and the hole is too small to install a zerk, or if it has no threads and I try and self tap in a zerk and the zerk breaks off, then I am SOL

I don't want to go down that road.

I think I will call TRW and see hoe that conversation goes...

I never understood what good a ball joint is that cant be greased. By the sounds of the directions the holes for a self tapping zirk.

May have found some valuable info for you. NAPA sells TRW parts under their
Master Ride Chassis line. NAPA's part number is listed as MRC 104222 on line.
Coincidentally, Motorcraft also uses the same part numbers. (MCS 104222)
If yours is similar, it appears to have a self tapping zerk fitting. See post #10


Thanks SWS, that's great info...

I called the place I bought it from and they had no clue. Asked them to check another one to see, but they didn't have one in stock.

I called TRW and got to talk to 6 different people and they had no clue who could help. I called the steering systems div and talked to the tech line guy who said that part number doesn't exist, and then said all their ball joints have zerk fittings. Then I found out he was talking about heavy trucks only. He said there is no tech support line for light truck parts. He later called me back with a number to call who may be able to help. That guy told me all TRW light truck ball joints do not have jerk fittings. Finally the answer I was looking for! He then told me they have never had zerk fittings! I told him the ones I bought in 2006 did come with zerks fittings. (There was just silence after that.)

Also interesting that my MOOG upper control arm had the exact same plastic bag with the same graphics and printing: "may contain self tapping grease fitting for threaded or non-threaded hole" as this TRW ball joint

Here is a picture of the TRW joint installed, I am assume that there is not supposed to be a grease fitting on this joint since there is a small steel plug installed... I can only pray it lasts longer than the last one...


That's definitely a pressed in steel plug not intended for removal.
Good luck and hoping you have better luck with this replacement. :thumbsup: