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TSB - Ford wants to update the transmission computer?


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November 15, 2001
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04 XLT 4x4
Having some warranty work done at the dealer on my 04 XLT 4x4.
They just called and they have the transmission out for a front seal (all covered under my extended warranty)

They said that there was a TSB on this transmission to adjust the pressure inside and thats probably what caused the leak - too much pressure. $140 for the 1.6 hrs to update the computer in the trans to change these pressures. This isn't covered under any warranty.

Has anyone done this? Should I have it done? Anyone know any more information on this TSB?

BTW - I posted about a bump/thump when I stop, and it was suggested it was most likely the slip yolk. Well the dealer said it looks like the rear end had work done before and there are 2 bushings missing allowing the driveshaft to move around and cause the thump that I feel. AND because there are pieces missing, my warranty wont cover it... $330

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Was that work done by a Ford Service Center? Are they sure some bushings are missing?

Is your extended warranty bumper to bumper? Call them and see if they will cover the transmission reprogram. If its blowing out a seal, then it should be covered along with the seal.

Someone should chime in to help on other stuff.

Good Luck from the Stealership.

I just bought the X about 2 months ago.(auction) So I have no idea who ever did the rear end work previously and therefore had no one to contact about any warranty that may be on the rear end work.

The dealer seems pretty sure its because of these bushings as they can move the drive shaft in the rear end.

The extended warranty (non ford) was already contacted about the computer update and they will not cover it. I told the dealer I'd pass on the computer update for $140 as my warranty covers all seals and gaskets so if it leaks again, they will put another seal in it.
My warranty is for 4 yrs / 48k miles.

Well, they need to do something to improve the absloutely terrrible shift quality these vehicles have. The feeling of the PCM stepping on an imaginary clutch pedal between gearshifts is annoying. Not to mention the little "hiccup" doesn't always coincide with the actual gearshift, so you get a stall, bump, feeling.

So, yes, the transmission has some programming issues that need to be corrected. I'm going to look into the TSBs and if there's one that seems to look like it's going to correct this, I'm going to get it done and let everyone know how it works out.

I'm going to look into the TSBs and if there's one that seems to look like it's going to correct this, I'm going to get it done and let everyone know how it works out.

Sounds like it could be the same TSB. The dealer said the pressure would change in the Transmission and all new shift points would have to be "learned" by the transmission. Thats what takes the 1.4 hrs I guess.

I went to " www.tciauto.com" (they produce evey type of racing transmission available.) anyhow, I do not know if this will help you or not - in a 4r70w (mustang 5.0 and 4.6 AOD trans) in reverse at 2000rpm that trans produces a min. of 75 - 90psi and at max 250 - 300psi (reverse uses the highest pressures). If you navigate their site you will find a new race ready 4r70w trans - this comes with OEM seals in it. My question is - "How can your stock trans build more pressure than a race ready one, and blow out a seal that a very reputable company installs in their product, and it does not blow out?" If I were you, I would wait for more responses from these guys on this post - they are a lot more trustworthy than the "Stealerships" (I liked that one).
I work for a company that manufactures valve bodies for the big three - I will ask our resident trans expert tonight and post more tomorrow to try and help you out.

I just had my 02 in to have the torque convertor fixed and i had them look at it for the poor shifting they updated the computer and now it shifts so much better. It doesnt have the hard shift feeling anymore. All of the other work they did was covered under the warranty but since this was electronic this wasnt covered. It was only $60 i think. But well worth it.

You might want to think about spending the coin. Understanding you're in a 4.6, I have a 2003 and 2005 (both 4.0's & 4X4's & Autos) sitting in my driveway right now and the trans shift pattern is very different. The 05 (a late 05 .. manufactured and sold during early summer 05) is much improved. Shifts earlier, shifts firmer ... etc. We've only had it a week or two, but it is a better driver. Both have the 3.55 rear gear and both are low milage (45K & 17K respectively).

The 05 seems to do a better job of keeping the rpm's within the the car's usable range. It's a better driver due to whatever Ford changed inside the computer.

Ford called it "flashing the PCM" to update it. Think of this as a bios update compared to our desktop computers. You could get your own tool to flash the PCM. It could let you reprogram new shift points, improve MPG, and performance. Ford actually programs a certain amount of slippage into the program to make the transmission feel very smooth so that you don't feel it shift.