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TSB (general) and '01Sport 36 Airbag code (specific)


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January 12, 2001
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I have a 2001 Explorer Sport with side air bags. The airbag light is displaying a 3-6 code before it goes solid. The dealership mentioned that this is a known problem with the side airbags that Ford is working on, there is nothing they can do now, and quoted a small portion of the TSB on my repair invoice.

First, does anyone have any further information on this air bag error code or the affiliated TSB? (Is the dealer way off base, will the airbags still deploy correctly, etc.)

Secondly, how can one obtain a listing of all TSBs (and the full text) associated with one's vehicle? I have queried the NHTSA, but they, of course, only list a small segment of the TSBs for a vehicle (and only summaries at that).

Thanks in advance.

JW, welcome to the site. Try checking out Dead Link Removed