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TT & shocks


February 11, 2002
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San Diego,CA
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2001 Explorer Sport Track
I've done the TT and bought the WAR 153s...also ordered RS9000s...I went with the stock X part# for all 4 shocks...that is untill I went out and measured how much drop I had after the TT...after jacking up the front of the X I only got about 1.5" of drop, so I called Summit and changed the fronts to the RS9128 which should give 2" more drop...I know taxxman2K used them with slight modification to the CV boot...has anyone else used this part # for a 4x4 explorer? I will also use extentions on the rear to compensate for the 153s.
I'll let all know how it works in a few weeks...the fronts are on backorder...:eek:


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April 25, 2000
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Houston, Texas
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2008 JK
Part of the drop limitation is the torsion bars themselves. Depeding on the strenght rating on the bars, the TT can limit downtravel with the stiffness of the bars. Also, your swaybar will SEVERELY limit front downtravel connected.

As for those shocks, I've been running them for about a week with no problems, of course you know I have 2wd.