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"TT" Torshion Twist quickY question :)


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November 12, 2000
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1996 Eddie Bauer
This weekend I plan to do a "TT" on my 02 Sport Trac.

I was reading that all you have to do is crank each Torsion counter clock wise till you can't crank no more. Then after that's done, then all you have to do is turn the Torsion key back 1 whole turn. Is this the proper way. By cranking it too much, can the TB come on or anything like that or would it stop?

Can anyone be clearer on the proper way to crank the TB's then?

Oh yea, I know I have the put car stands under the front and and let the front tires free off the ground ;)


1- measure the height of each side off the ground
2- jack up front end, turn both bolts clockwise till they're all the way in
3- let truck back down and re-measure...

3b- example: if your left side went up 2" and your right side went up 1.5":
a) repeat step 1
b) left side bolt 1 complete turn
c) let truck down and re-measure

Keep doing 3b until the left side = 1.5"

***your numbers may be different.. thats just the general idea***