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Tube Bumper (winch mount)


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September 9, 1999
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Where can i find a nice tube bumper for my 91, i like the one on Ricks truck but i never herd of smittybuilt. Im looking for one with a winch mout any help would be great.

One more Question: Is a 8,000lb winch good enough for my explorer?

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The Zimmermann's explorer also has the same style bumper

be careful..

smittybilt's tube bumper is good only for 6k lbs of winch. I've got, and I've already bent the winch mount on it.

I will probably be replacing it with a custom bumper this fall, that includes light tabs, and other nice things.

Some people use the smittybilt bumper and reinforce it, I believe Rick does. The other options I've seen, non-custom that is, are the James Duff (receiver stlye for multi-mount, and winch mount both due to be released soon) and the Warn model. Both are for 9,000# winches.


Warn has a real good winch bumper designed for the 9000. I'm not sure they carry the style your looking for though. Mine is a wrap-around. Good for nothing more than lights and keepin' critters out of the grille.

TJM T-15 Bull Bar

They have quit their operations in the US, but will ship. They look great, are expensive, and shipping will double your cost. Watch the exchange rates when you buy.