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Tucson Run. July 2nd


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August 21, 2001
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Tucson, AZ
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1997 Land Rover Disco
See thread by -=Daemon=- : TEST RUN

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Are we meeting at the Circle K gas station?

-=DaemoN=- said:
Are we meeting at the Circle K gas station?
Yup. Let's just say at 12:30. I feel like I am gonna need the extra 1/2 hour.
I will give you a call if anything changes.


Well, the run went very well. It took us 4 hours to complete the run. Some part of the trail are rated 3.5 but it can be run by a mildy modified explorer (good clearance).

My coils came out of the bucket as a result of trying to prevent a flop from a downhill off camber trail. I had to depress the brakes and that sent me down bouncing. :bounce:

Anyways, here are some pics and vids. I will post more as soon as my friend e-mails me what he took.

Andy on the first obstacle... the video is only about 4 sec long. I accidentally pressed the button... stopping the recording.

Andy again...

me... poser shot! :D

Andy on the opposite side of the trail above.



Cool video's.

I wish the 1st was longer. That was fun!
Here are some of my pics:





I think next time we'll just play around three feathers (first obstacle). Charleau Gap next weekend?

Well, I didn't make it home without any damage.
On the way home yesterday, I heard this loud click/knock come from my front left tire. I got out to look, but didn't see anything. On the rest of the drive back home, I heard a constant metal slipping sound. Like metal teeth slipping their grooves. Have you ever heard those annoying kiddie amusement park rides that have those stupid eerrr eerrr horns on em? well, it kinda sounded like that.
But anyway, today I lifted my wheel off the ground to check the bearings on it, and I could move it a lot. I took the wheel and hub off to discover that the outer bearing nut was backed all the way off. The only thing holding it on was the washer and retaining clip.
Well, to make a somewhat long story short, the retaining washer was toast. It was bent out bad, and I had a tough time getting it off. I took a hammer and bent it back down and tried to see if it would fit back on... well no such luck.
Now my truck is up on a jack and I need a new retaining washer.

Oh well,

The Fun of D35 TTB's and wheeling!!

Here is a pic:

That axle sounds sweet. Too bad I don't have $$ for a sas. If I do anything, I will just put D44 outers on my D35, and put johnny joints on the rad arms.
A SAS is just too out there right now.


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