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Tune up parts


September 23, 2013
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Explorer Sportrack'03XLT
Hello there,
I am approaching 155 thousand miles , and I am thinking I need to change spark plugs, cables,etc.
What parts manufacturer is better for a complete tune up?
Which parts should i change?
Last tune up was in 2009, some 50K miles ago.
Thank you

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stick with motorcraft (ford OEM), autolite, and a few here went with the E3 plugs. i only use motorcraft wires.

personally i run autolite iridum plugs and motorcraft wires

Thank you!
Can I ask you something? How do I get a picture of my truck as my icon ID?

Go into the User CP on top of page and you can edit your entire profile with pictures and everything.

Xp103 iridium plugs and 97050 wires should do ya

Thank you!
How about the coil? I was changed at 100K . Put in a unit sold by Auto Zone. Is it something need replacement?

I'm not sure on that maybe someone else will chime in

No. You do not need to change the coil. Basically, more or less, it is either working or not working.
Why did you change the coil at 100k? Was it not working? Symptoms?
What exactly was done at 100k at your last "tune up"?
How are you on your other maintenance items?
oil and filter/air filter/fuel filter/coolant/PCV valve/brake fluid flush/transmission fluid pan drop(transmission filter)
clean I.A.C., M.A.F., and throttle body/shocks/check ball joints/etc...(the list goes on and on):)
I use Autolite APP103 and Motorcraft wires WR-6120 and I have the OEM Motorcraft coil packs on both my explorers. I'm not saying that the coil pack doesn't go bad, not get weak or have other issues. But, I have no issues with mine.