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Tune up

honda minh

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February 14, 2020
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Hanoi, Vietnam
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Hello I'm new to this site and was wanting some tips and pointers on how to basically get my '00 ford explorer 4.0 SOHC road ready again. Last time it was on the road was four years ago and I had replaced the water pump and pulley along with the belt. I wanna basically give it a tune up such as spark plugs wires, alternator(which I believe is bad bc the battery kept failing), all fluids, air filter, fuel filter. I'm not a professional mechanic but I can most things under the hood if not I'm mechanically inclined to learn it. Just wondering what else I could do to make it run as efficiently as possible. Thank .

If it was sitting for the last four years you may want to drain fuel tank and put in fresh gas before starting. Old gas can turn to varnish and mess up your fuel system. Other than that you have a pretty good idea on what to do. Another thing to look into is checking your coolant hoses to make sure they are not stiff or cracked.