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Turbo on 2000 Limited 5.0

Turbo compressor map.gif
Well guys, I don't even have it yet and I'm looking at going turbo.

I think I'll be going STS style with the turbo underneath the the body. I'm hoping I can find room somewhere closer to the front to mount it. If not, I may just go classic style and cut the muffler out and install the turbo in its place.

Tim was kind enough to point me at a turbo for sale locally. I'm checking it out now. I sent the specs to James Henson to see what his thoughts are.

Here's the specs:
t4 F1-68 turbine .68 a/r housing 3" exhaust outlet with a 72mm compressor blade 4inch inlet, 2.5 inch outlet, journal bearing. Also, see compressor map attached. I have a vague understanding, and that concerns me.

Now, the next issue is oil routing.
Oil in to the turbo would be handled from a T off the oil pressure sending unit on the block. Return oil would need a scavenge pump to the top of the oil pan, or in the timing chain cover. The scavenge pump adds quite a bit of cost to the setup. I think saving a few bucks in this area would spell disaster. So, this seems to be the best pump out there:
Stainless steel oil lines will have to be used. As I read about under cab mounted turbo's oil issues seem to be a huge issue. This is going to require careful thought and routing.

My real issue is routing the air filter and compressed air up to the engine bay.
The frame rails will be the the way. I saw one guy notched out his frame for the plumbing and re-enforced the frame by welding metal around the plumbing line (3 inch or 4 inch hole). I'm concerned about running the two pipes and think this will be the biggest challenge. I really don't want that air filter under the truck.
See what this guy did on his ranger?

As for Maf? Pro-M all the way, in a blow thru design.

Fuel pump, injectors, sct go without saying. I'll be having James put together a care package for me along with the Pro-M.
Aeromotive Stealth 340 pump
Bosch uscar (EV6) 60lb injectors part # 108191

I'll recycle my boost gauge and wide band o2 from my supercharged 4.0 ohv.

I'll be using stainless steel for everything under the truck as rust always seems to be an issue.

Also. intercooling. I learned from my last project that cool intake air is incredibly important. People say on under cabin turbo's you don't really need it as the compressed air cools on the way up. Not good enough for me. Im going to go air/water so I have flexibility as to where I mount the intercooler. This could change, but intercooling of some form is a must.

My eye's are watering at what this is going to cost.

I see 02Limited turbo'd his, but he must have had quite a few issues and fell off the forum.

Not much info on guys completing something like this to be found. All input appreciated.

This will be a long process.
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More competition sneaking in! lol Can't wait to see the end result!

Installed Turbo.jpg
Its Installed!

After a full day at the exhaust shop, the turbo is installed.
I think the real time consuming part was getting the mounting bracket for the turbo sorted out. I couldn't even think of doing this myself since I didn't know the placement the exhaust shop would want to make the piping easier.
Exhaust shop loved the idea o what I was attempting to do and were all in on doing a great job. Im certain the work they did will be trouble free.

They did a great job. The exhaust is welded up with all mandrel bent tubing before and after the turbo. Beautiful. Also, no oil smoke, or oil leaks. Scavenge pump is working beautifully. I love it when a plan comes together.

So, I was home about 6:30 with the turbo just blowing air into the engine bay. I started pulling the top end apart to change the injectors, but the upper intake was really hot. Slowed me down.

I gave Tim a call, and he came over to help. I had the upper intake off upon his arrival. So, worked at plugging holes at the upper intake and then the catch can system while Tim re-installed the upper intake with the 60 lb injectors installed. He was sure he would have no pain at all dropping the upper intake back in place, so I said....have at it. Tim was extremely helpful. I'd have been working much later had he not been there to help. I was wearing out from the long day working at the exhaust shop, then home to get the motor stuff done.

Catch can system installed, injectors installed, upper intake installed, slot maf plugged in, final tubing installed from the turbo to the throttle body. From there, base tune was uploaded.

I did some logging for James, and sent it off. Its way to rich to even idle. :(
So, I'm hoping James isn't crazy busy and can find the time to work on my tune file so I can get my truck back on the road.

Great job man.cant wait to start seeing results! ! :)

no problem don. i didnt mind at all. i am however feeling it today however, oh well. i just wanted to hear it run lol!


Let the tuning begin!
Looks awesome! That truck is going to fly!

I like the air filter and cover! ;)

oh HEELLLLL YEA!!!! Looks legit. The excitement is building :D
I ordered the PRP and wideband cable from James yesterday, hopefully I can get going on my tuning too. PM sent regarding tuning.

pm returned.

Use Analog 2 for datalogging A/F ratio. That's the one pre-setup on your innovate wideband and its pretty much the standard James uses.

I'm going to have to move my air filter. Tim thinks rotating it 90 degrees would be best. A 4" 90 degree mandrel aluminum bend is frieken expensive, so I'll be waiting a few weeks before ordering it. I'm thinking I want to find something like a small garbage can and mod it to make a perfect shroud with big holes drilled in it and baffles to stop water from having a free flow in. I am absolutely confident I'll come up with something that won't get water soaked.

Water can be an issue. Just ask me... I think my problem was mostly water mist getting on the MAF sensor not so much that it was inhaling gallons of water.

See these? Not too bad.

http://www.summitracing.com/search/...h&SortOrder=Ascending&keyword=4" exhaust pipe

Look at the 4.6 or 5.4 Expedition intake boxes in the junkyard. The ones I saw all utilized about a 6" long 4" diameter tube from intake manifold straight to a massive conical air box. The 4" tube is flexible so you'd have wiggle room with things. I would have picked one up but its too big for my application so I got a smaller earlier second gen explorer conical airbox. I also thought about using the 4" Expedition airbox hose and sticking it to the smaller explorer conical airbox somehow, but that hose is like super glued to the intake plenum. I pulled with all my might and couldn't get it off with my greasy fingers so I gave up. Heating it up with a propane torch would prob do the trick. There are cheaper possibilities. Just some ideas for ya to ponder over.

Appreciated! That's way cheaper than $50.00 for a 90 degree. I'll have to do a walk thru at some of the wreckers around here.

congrats, this is excellent!! :popcorn:

i was going to say ask andy if he has had any problems. the trip back from carlisle (MAJOR down pour) would have shown anything. my main concern would not only be rain, but snow build up in the winter, and what not. give me a day or two don, i will ask the guy that is playing around with my mount if he has any kicking around. if not, is that the price from winnipeg truck exhaust for one?

Congrats, nice job:chug:

A remote mount turbo is so tempting for the V6 in the Pumpkin... It would be nice to have some horsepower available when climbing loose stuff.

Could you possibly run it up inside the truck to somewhere like the side compartments in the back ? Or that a no no:dunno:

The turbo sits nice and high. The only issue with off roading I could see would be what to do with that pesky air filter. I not sure how much water you drive thru.

Tim found me a great deal on the turbo I have (Thanks Tim, I think....) but I know the guys over at turboforums are having great luck with the cheap Chinese turbo's.

We will see if Id recommend this once I have it tuned and have been driving for a while. I think its going to be pretty solid though.

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Could you possibly run it up inside the truck to somewhere like the side compartments in the back ? Or that a no no:dunno:

you could, but it would be noisy. That and I'd hope the ouside air would be coolest. If it wasn't my daily driver I might consider it.
Ive actually seen a build where the guy put the whole turbo under the drivers seat. Crazy.