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Turbocharging a 3rd Gen. Explorer...


February 13, 2008
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Puerto Rico
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2002 Explorer XLT
I've read turbocharging threads here for the 2nd gen explorer but not for the 3rd gen. I would like to ask if anybody has turbocharged their 3rd gen Explorer and what mods you did to reach your goal?

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I have supercharged mine, not to hard to do although im currently having trouble tuning it due to lack of resources in Australia, the good thing about supercharging is you can just take the belt off & drive as standard if you have problems where as you can't with turbos. Good luck finding a turbo gen 3

toon u got a video clip of ur supercharged 03 explorer


do they got a turbo for an 01 sport at all

Use the universal kit with a custom tune from your local shop.

doing an STS style turbo kit would be probably the most suitable for the 3rd gen since it has plenty of room along the bottom... however it wont be "easy" maybe just "easier" than cramming it into the engine bay... if u do this project, make sure to do a writeup

do they got a turbo for an 01 sport at all

a turbo is pretty much universal... the hard part is doing the piping... i would guess u would have to do something custom to get it to work cuz i would also guess that they dont have a turbocharger system already out there for it