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Turn signal flashing quick. All bulbs working.


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April 1, 2007
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Central PA
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05 Mountaineer
Hey guys,

I have an 05 Mountaineer that just this morning started having an issue. Whenever I turn on the right-hand turn signal, it flashes really fast. The left-hand signal works fine. The first thing I checked were the light bulbs, and everything seems to be on. The front-right bulb flashes, but the rear-right does not, although the bulb is on.

I can hear the flasher relay or whatever clicking under the dash, and it clicks really fast, at the same speed as the signal indicator and front-right signal. Are there any bulbs that I could have missed that would cause this, or could a bulb be working but somehow faulty, or would it more likely be that the flasher relay is going out?


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you said one of the bulbs just stays on? try replacing it, bulbs r pretty cheep

Ok.. I just had someone watch the lights while I tried the ones I couldn't see myself (brakes & reverse), and the right-brake bulb doesn't brighten. The bulb is lit when the driving lights are on, but it doesn't brighten up when you press the brakes. Could this still be a bulb problem, or would it be something else? I didn't know since it still lights up, just doesn't get brighter.


still a bulb..they are dual element bulbs...one element is break lights (not working) and the other is the running lights...replace that bulb too...

Ok, great. I'll pick up a bulb this evening. Thanks for the help!

hey yall my name is ryan and i have a 97 explorer eddie bauer and all my bulbs work but my driver side is flashing fast. when my hazards on the bulb is lit up but not blinking but when driver side blinker on its going very fast idk whats wrong with it i reploaced it and still fast