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turn signal switch problem, help


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December 1, 2011
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2001 ford explorer xlt
ok so i have a 01 ford explorer xlt, and when i use my turn signal it makes a grinding noise, and the signal lights dont work verry well. the bulbs r fine, just changed them. a normal turn signal switch just goes click click click, this does it 1000 times faster. what could this be, could it be a fuse or the switch? please help. thanks


hey thanks man. before received ur message i went ahead and changed out the multifunction switch, only to find out that it wasnt the proplem. then noticed that the conector on the multifunction switch, same one in the pics u gave me had some light brown burn marks on it. it didnt seem like much until u showed me that post. i will replace the connector and see how that goes and let u know. thanks so much