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turning noises when hot


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November 15, 2005
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When my X is cold there is no noise at the front at all. After 15 minutes drive it makes a grinding noise at the complete stop and at the take off. Also it grinds when putting wheel to the right or left extremely. I changed bearings and my halfshafts looks to be OK? any other reason?? Could it be related to steering rack???


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have you checked the diff fluid?

Is it AWD or 4WD?

it is a 4 WD what concerns diff fluid there is a fluid but no idea is it proper kind or not.

I meant have you checked if it's at the proper level, if the fluid was low it could cause grinding because parts wear out. Because you said it grinds once it heats up, I'm guessing it's a bearing of some sort that is grinding. You say the halfshafts look okay but when were they replaced? They could look okay from the outside and still be bad, i had a nasty vibration taht turned out to be bad halfshafts even though they looked okay