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TV Monitor in Console Lid?


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January 14, 2006
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1996 XLT
I'm throwing this idea around. I was thinking of just cutting a hole in the console, put the tv up through the back then put a piece of plexiglass over it.
I thought of this cause I wanted a tv that the people in the back could see and since i have a sunroof, no flipdown, and one piece seats means headrests are too hard. What do you guys think? Am I crazy?

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I dont think your crazy, yet. I dont exactly understand if you are talking 1 screen up front higher up so everyone can see, or a screen in between the front seats mounted in the center arm rest console thing?


Thats what I already have. The new one would go in the center arm rest lid. Crazy yet?

Might be a little low. Think about it. Usually the center console sits at someone knees in the back. I know many times my knees are fighting for space with the rear center console. I don't think it will be a good idea. Maybe you could try to find an over head console which goes in between the sunvisors on the ceiling.

The overhead is an idea but it may be hard to see still. I was going to put this screen at the top of the arm rest so i think visibility would be ok. Also, its not so much functionality as it is, "damn, you have a tv in your freakin armrest"

Ok. It is your truck. I see your reasoning. Do you plan on using alot of bondo like the first one? If you try to flush it in the arm rest, visibility will be poor. You will have to put it back on an angle like your first one.

Not sure of the definite plans yet, just throwing the idea around.

Okay, you want to put one on the armrest.. Are you talking the factory front armrest? If so how would the rear passengers see it then, are you talking about flipping the armrest up for them so they can see it then? I dont mean to try to answer your question with more questions, but I'm having trouble picturing what you are thinking/saying. What about a mounted screen to the rear of the console, above the rear vents/hvac/radio controls? Or flush it in there somewhere, but then the poor backseat riders would get broken necks from staring downwards!

Well if you are set on doing it then there is no stopping you and I might as well throw advice of how you should probably do it. But I personally would not put it there in my truck. I have a 10.4 in. flipdown for the back seat, and I am currently still fiberglassing my sunvisors for my 6.5 in. tvs at work the past few weeks. My batteries are dead so I cannot take any more pics to add to the thread I started on them. I am also buying an eclipse in dash dvd player with navigation, which will be my fourth tv. Just throwing some ideas at you of what you could try.

My funds seem to be more limited than yours. lol. davesexplorer, I would flip the armrest up so it is facing the back seat, now I just need to find the right sized tv.

Well, your arm rest can't be more than maybe 4-5 inches max wide. I Think you might be a little unsatisfied with a 4 in. tv.

It is 5.5 inches wide. I think i could manage a 5". After all, I wouldn't be watching it. Idk if I'll even do it. Its still in the planning phases.

Yea you could manage a 5", you would have to do some building up around the edges with your bondo though. Those edges of the arm rest roll around. So you would have to build up to make it flush on those edges.

I was gonna put it flush which would mean it would be limited to 5.5" wide but i hadn't really thought about bondoing one in there. I could fit a 6 or 7 in there if I did that. I might look into that further. Thanks guys.

I have not heard too many good things about legacy screens.

I was throwing arround putting it in were the hu is and moving the radio down were the counsul is, but i scrapped that, dont know why, just never got off the ground.

my 96 Limited has a sunroof too. I am planning on using the Kenwood mounts that replace the rear grab handles. they keep the monitor up and you can mount a larger(7-8") screen.


Could you explain that a little more? I don't really get it

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I got an idea, but it would probably be too custom. Depending on how much room you have from the front of the back seat to the back of the front seat you could get a power inverter and run like a 24 inch lcd tv in a custom fiberglass housing that is supported/attached to your center console. It would look bad ass, then there would be no problem for your passengers watching it.