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Two Questions: Seafoam misfire? And what the heck are the names of these hoses?!?


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May 15, 2006
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Still can't find heater hoses?!?

1st question) Rarely drive the 00' but figure I'll play with it a bit, tuner her up, replace stuff, lift her etc. Had a CEL pop on with a kinda rough idle and a hesitation/stutter depending on speed and rpm, like especially on the highway in OD some gas and it stutters bad. Scanner showed only code was a misfire on cylinder 8, assuming plug/wires which I'll be replacing anyway. But I was going to run seafoam through PCV and since I know it fouls up plugs anyway, ok with a misfire?

2) replacing hoses (upper and lower radiator etc). The two hoses from the heater core on the 5.0 there's not much info in Haynes or what to do. Think from searching one is supply and one is return. On the autoparts stores I've checked I cannot figure out what part it is, on advanceauto the only thing that shows in their system is "heater hose" for the 5.0, doesn't say supply, or return, and the lines look kinda different from the one in their system. Here's what they show . Is that it? Does two of those replace the factory ones, b/c they twist in such an awkward angle on the V8 vs the 6's that are straight out and easy.

here's a pic. one still has a t-adaptor for flushing from like 5 years ago, but never used it as the stupid t-stat housing bolts seized and broke off and had to have a shop drill out and let them deal with the coolant and flush.

and where they both twist down too which is hard to see in the 1st pic

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In the first pic, the hose with vacuum actuated valve is the water going "in" the heater core, the other one (with a non-OE "T" on it) is "out" of core.
See this diagram with flow direction indicated (note 16):


Awesome. Problem is, unless I'm missing something or not searching right terms, I cannot find those hoses like Advance Auto or others.

Called two dealerships and they want over 200 for hoses as its a bs "set". Nobody knows where to get these? Only thing I can find is this at advance auto and all it says is heater hose, when there are two slightly different hoses on the V8. Why doesn't anybody sell heater hose 1 and heater hose 2 ughhhh. Checked the Stang 5.0 parts but the hoses look different.

Been stuck since yesterday and can't do anything to flush till I find these.

Those rear heater hoses look like they can be replaced with normal straight hose since the bends are mild. It's not like the pre bent molded bypass hose up at the water pump.

So went to the parts store to check it and compare, the heater hose listed in the system is nothing like the ones on the 5.0 trucks. Went out to compare, the bends and form are completely different, you couldn't even trim or bend it to fit as that would cause it to kink like I tried. The hoses on these trucks are really more like S curves. Checked some other hoses, nada, no way to trim or bend any to fit, it's such a super tight space.

There was a mechanic shop down the street, so stopped there and asked them to check. They too were kinda stumped, said they've never had to replace a V8 Explorer/Mountaineers heater core hoses, but they said what I already knew that the V6 ones are easy as their pretty much straight. They went through some hoses they had to see if any could be made to fit, nada. So truck is just sitting here and can't flush or anything till I find these hoses.

I can't believe with this many trucks sold, and the 5.0 being around forever, nobody makes these parts?!? Mine have to be replaced as their old and leaking/cruddy at the ends. Searched on here and can't find any info about parts or hoses for the 5.0 trucks. Ford has them, but they want a couple hundred $ for a set which is ridiculous.

This is the incorrect one parts stores carry