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Tyre sizes

Ebay choices ...for 4 delivered
265/70 16 INFINITY 112H -£277

View attachment 58389

premier 4x4 All terrain tyres 265/70/16 - £300

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i have just bought the infinity's @ £299 delivered, will let you know how i get on with them, they look huge in the hall way of the house :( i hope they will fit OK :rolleyes: i went for the 265/70/16 as they didn't do them in 255. I need a new hub fitting first on my 97 ex and the wheel alignment doing as one front tyre is badley scrubbed, I have just made an offer on a set of standard alloys as well to replace the chrome steel wheels, so i will put the steel wheels up for sale soon

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Just noticed that mine are 235's!! I always thought it looked undertyred. It doesn't drive badly though but explains why the speedo is so optimistic!!! Unfortunately, they're wearing well and, although I should, I can't bring myself to change a healthy set of tyres. GRoB.

Hi all ex driver s ( :

back needing tyre's , others cracked ... dug up thread for info ( :

looks like ill be getting King Pin again they have been great ..

265/75/16 MT this time

I drive slow these days so not worried about motorways ect , had some mud to deal with recently ,

was all good on AT but these will be better


any suggestions ?

regards Rich

Ay up Rich, i've been doing alot of research on tyres recently. Mine have loads of tread left but the rubber must have gone hard. Getting scary in the wet.
I think i'm going to go for the Cooper Discoverer AT3.

I really can't complain about my General Grabber AT2's in 265/70R16 on the road in the dry or wet with standing water. I have done about 300 miles now but not had them on mud or snow so far. Mine were £480 for 4. I like the chunkiness of the MT's for sure, I'm just not off road enough to justify it. Looking forward to testing the Grabbers a bit more though!

Hey ,

Yer looked at them grabbers many times have a similar tread pattern now ( AT2 )

not bad in any way , just fancy the MT this time

and Kev (: looked at the coopers .. they look cool

worried the 75 tyre height's going to rub on full lock there aint a lot of room on full lock to the wheel arch cover

insa dakar comes in 70 profile ...

have to research again